12/3 Cubs send Miles, Fox to A's

The Cubs Thursday traded Aaron Miles and Jake Fox to the Athletics for right-handed pitcher Jeff Gray and two prospects. It’s a good move for Fox, who could thrive in the AL as a designated hitter. Besides Gray, the Cubs pickup pitcher Ronny Morla and infielder Matt Spencer.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, like you didn’t see this coming…Here we go again, hoping that Hendry gets LUCKY with who he gets in return. Miles? So what, it’s about time Hendry affirms one of his bone headed moves and gets rid of him. Strange, Hendry signs Miles, he plays one year and then is traded. Same goes for Heillman and Gregg…anybody else seeing this pattern??? If these were productive players you would think they would hang around beyond one year. And Fox? He’s gonna thrive in the American league as a DH? I truly hope so for his sake, yet Hendry didn’t realize that Soriano or Bradley needed to reside in the American league as DH’s?? DUH. I suppose the good that will come of this is a spot may free up now for Andres Blanco or Castro? But Gray and two prospect sure don’t look like a center fielder, second baseman, starting pitcher or right fielder all of which are the needs to be addressed…but they weren’t..so far…not to mention addressing dumping Bradley. Way to go Jim, nice job on re-stocking the farm system that you only use to evidently trade (Fox) for more farm system players. So no Fox to back up Lee or Ramirez, come off the bench as a good pinch hitter with power. Nothing like sitting back during the holiday season and watch Hendry work his mojo.

why in the world do you trade Fox? He is a brilliant player. Who is gonna play third base if Rammy gets hurt again or one of these days when he retires. Fox hit 11 HRs and drove in 44 in just 216 AB this year. If you project that over a full season (approx. 550 AB) that is 25-30 HRs and 105-120 RBIs. The boy can hit and has PROVEN himself as a major league caliber player. I dont get it. We didnt get anyone note worthy in this trade. and plus we let miles, a veteran sparkplug player and clubhouse leader leave too. This trade was dumb! Jim- you better make up for this during the Winter Meetings or you will be gone before long!

with that being said, i wish Fox and Miles the best in Oakland. i have a feeling we same “dealers” remorse in 5 years as we did when passed over a catcher in the 2001 draft by the name of Joe Mauer.

For Fox’s sake, this is a great opportunity. He’ll finally be able to play. He wasn’t going to bump Soriano, Lee or Ramirez from the Cubs lineup, and he’s too good a player to sit on the bench.

I don’t care that we got rid of Miles, but Jake would have been and asset to keep. He did a great job for us last season, and it would have been nice to see him in a cubs uniform for a very long time.. I am vey diappointed with some of the trades Hendry has made…

it is good for Jake that he gets to play. its very unfortunate that we couldnt find him a spot. he will be a great baseball player for years to come.

buck- i agree. since last year its been “OMG kosuke is gonna be in CF and we need to find the best fit in RF.” Simple solution- Jake Fox is the type of guy that is enough of an athlete who will work hard enough to play the rough wrigley RF. Then you dont need to worry about going after Damon or Burrell and focus our attention on snagging someone like Chone Figgins or the always coveted Brian Roberts. all BRob does in baltimore is set records for doubles every year. And everyone knows the cubs dont need a second baseman who and hit and lead off. oh wait- that would be numbers 1 and 2 on my wish list.

why we made this move is beyond me!

Hendry is the poster child for why it has been 101 years and counting. He hugely overpays for 2 washed up DHs for our outfield (Soriano, Bradley), and then dumps our best young player with ML experience for an at-best middle reliever. Because Fox “doesn’t have a position on our team”. What about LF? RF? And Lee isn’t getting younger.

Why the new owners keep Hendry is a great mystery of life.

One thing I would wonder is how much cash the Cubs sent to Oakland, if it was much and the key here was to ditch Miles’ contract, why not just designate him for assignment and pay the man?

Second, on an accuracy note, Mauer was the #1 overall pick, so the Cubs did not pass on him and at the time Mark Prior was universally considered the top prospect in the draft the Twins just knew they could not sign him and opted for the hometown option. I’m from Minnesota so I watched this all play out. Hindsight is 20/20, but you’re a liar if you weren’t sitting in 2003 thinking the Prior was a stud (and in my case a future Hall of Famer).

ok my mistake. absolutely in 03 we were on easy street with Prior and Wood crusin. then they both ate it. knowing out luck, if the Twins had Prior and we had JM, Prior would have 130 wins and a 2.7 ERA and JM would be hitting .280 with 12-17 hrs per year. we need to get our organization on the right track starting at the top. get hendry out.

Marc, the Cubs saved $1.7 million in this deal. It may not sound like much, but it definitely helps budget-wise. They have nine guys who are arbitration eligible and all will be getting raises in 2010.

Carrie, I know where you’re coming from regarding it being a good thing FOR FOX. Hendry is supposed to be doing what’s best for the team’s chances of getting in the World Series and from the looks of most of his confounding moves he’s not doing a good job AT ALL. And it’s evident by all the comments posted that fans agree..Hendry really must go. Hendry seems perfectly content with having inferior fielding outfilelders on his team such as Soriano, Bradley and a long list of “outfielders of the day” (exception to Fukodome’s defense) that have little to average offensive upside but when it comes to a possible replacement AT FIRST BASE (one of the most forgiving positons for defensively challenged players) when Lee exits he dismisses Fox out of hand. I don’t get it, Fox would have made an average fielding firstbaseman and with his work ethic, attitude and PRACTICE could have turned himself into a good first baseman with very good run production. Hendry doesn’t seem to look ahead as far as being prepared for injury or player departure. Frustrating beyond belief. This is the same old Hendry broken record.
One note to baseball09….a veteran sparkplug player and clubhouse leader??? What Miles were you referring to? I didn’t know there were more than one Miles on last year’s club. Aaron Miles….send us postcard…or not.

On fangraphs.com Jake Fox’s range and fielding percentage was better than aramis ramirez. While we all know Ramirez or fox aren’t gonna win a gold glove anytime soon, baker is our back up third-baseman now but he is only a defensive replacement fox could have partially made up for Ramirez’s bat. Baker is a decent player but he doesn’t have much power isn’t gonna get a lot of rbi’s. Fox has great potential to be that guy and he probably will be for the A’s good luck Jake sad to see you go Thanks for giving us high hopes. I hope you become an everyday position player and prove jim hendry wrong and go on to hit 500 homeruns over the course of your career, you will be missed by the cubby faithful. Oh yeah hendry fox can be an everyday thirdbaseman for some team. Atleast he’s playing in the AL so he won’t be hitting any homeruns against us. Miles don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 1.7 million salary relief to go towards dumping bradley. I hope they use that money to sign you got it Joeydafish BRAD SNYDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have another opening on the 40 man roster which sits at 37. I guess if ramirez goes down to injury vitters could get called up(but is he ready)!!!!!!!!!! So far we have addition by subtraction no more Gregg, Heilman, Miles, Chad fox. Next to go neiL Cotts and Milton badly Oh I mean Bradley. Lost a couple good guys too Jake Fox, Reed Johnson, and Rich Harden. Harden and johnson are injury liabilities but still good guys.

I love the idea of getting rid of Miles, he doesn’t have a solid defensive position that a better bench hitter couldn’t play. Fontenot can play 3rd and 2nd like Miles did, but he’s lefty and hits better as a lefty than Miles did. He hit .185 in 74 games. That’s awful for the money he made. We gave him chances and he blew it. It’s great to dump most of that money. It’ll be all gone once we sign all of our arbitration eligible players. Jake Fox is fairly one sided player, don’t get me wrong, he can hit as good as anyone else. He was much like our team last year, he can hit, but can’t defend. Hes much like a Soriano in any year but last year because Soriano was terrible on both sides of the game. Fox couldn’t make many of the plays that Soriano couldn’t make most of the time simply because he’s too big and bulky too run the outfield. We have a lot of speedy options in the outfield, as well as the anchor in Fukudome in right field. We have Fuld for late game defensive replacements, as well as Reed Johnson if he resigns with us (I think its likely.) I personally would’ve liked to see Fox catch more because thats how he came up in the system. He looked good the few innings he did catch. The season could’ve been way different with him behind the plate rather than a fat and struggling Soto. I don’t like this pitcher we got because he’s not worth Fox, he’s inexperienced and the last thing we need is less experience in a rather watered down bullpen situation. We did lock up Grabow, and eventually Marmol, but other than that its more inexperienced pitchers. I think that the Orioles would’ve taken Miles and Fox for Brian Roberts. We can add more money in the budget for one of the best leadoff hitters today, and Miles would’ve been a direct replacement for Roberts at 2nd. I wonder sometimes what Hendry is smoking when he makes these trades. Roberts would be happy to get into a contending team, and with the extremely strong AL East, there is absolutely no point to have Roberts on the payroll making as much as he does with a team that has no chance of going anywhere for a long time. I’d like to apply for the GM job when Hendry gets axed in October.

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