12/4 Hall of Fame

My Hall of Fame ballot arrived Friday, and it always prompts some interesting discussions. Just wanted to see how fans feel about some of the candidates. I’ve already checked Andre Dawson (and have every year he’s been on the ballot) so that’s one.

What do you think about Jack Morris? How about Bert Blyleven, Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire, Alan Trammell and Lee Smith?

Here are some of the first-time candidates: Roberto Alomar, Andres Galarraga, Eric Karros, Barry Larkin, Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, and Robin Ventura.

— Carrie Muskat


Andre Dawson, Don Mattingly, Alan Tremmell and Lee Smith Yes. Mark McGwire? No, No, No!

They all are worthy, but I feel that we can’t vote everyone in. Lee Smith is a definate, but Mark McGwire should be left out. He got his numbers by cheating and in th old days, all the sluggers had to do this by working hard and doing it on their own talent. Inhancements are wrong and the hall has no room for those people.

Barry Larkin and Roberto Alomar are also deserving…

Here’s my take of the 6 in question, in order of preference.

1. Jack Morris. Yes.Absolutely should be in. Winningest pitcher in the majors for the 80s and the anchor of 3 championship teams. Long over due.

2 . Bert Blyleven. Yes. While I don’t believe stats should ever be the final say, 287 wins and 3700+ strikeouts says a lot.

3. Lee Smith. No. Tough to say for a former Cub, and one who retired as the all time leader in a major statistical category. But he was really more of a stats accumulator and not a dominant closer.

4. Alan Trammel. No. Would be a first ballot for the “hall of very good” but just wasn’t great enough for the hall of fame.

5. Don Mattingly. No. See Trammel. Good stats but not good enough and played on some bad teams. If he gets in, time to think about Grace and Buckner getting in, too.

6. Mark McGuire.No. Not just as a punishment for the steroids. But you have to assume (1) he did take steroids and (2) his power number were inflated because of them. Considering he was a one dimensional player and that one dimension was greatly added by the drugs, its very hard to justify putting him in. Without the drugs, he’s basically Dave Kingman. Not even close to a hall of famer.

Of the newbies, Larkin and Alomar are worthy but not as first ballot entries.

I think Dawson’s time long has come, so he would be on my ballot. I also think Lee Smith has waited enough years that his induction should come this year.

I can support Alomar getting in this year. He was a great player — except for that moment of stupidity when he spit at the ump.

My picks would be Andre Dawson, Bert Blyleven, Roberto Alomar and Lee Smith. While an argument can be made for Morris I’ll wait until next year for him. McGwire is, as was noted by someone else previously, a one dimensional player. I don’t buy all of the self righteous moaning about his alleged cheating – he didn’t violate any MLB rules and hasn’t been proven to have violated any state or federal laws. No one has the ability to quantify how much any alleged steroid use might have affected his hitting and anyone who believes that Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, or a substantial number of other old timers would not have used steroids, if they ever heard of them, is not playing with a full deck. They used what was available, sharpened spikes, loaded bats, spit balls, gum on the hands, etc., anything to gain an advantage because they were competitors and wanted to win.

The remaining players were better than average players, but I put them in the category of very good, not Hall of Fame caliber.

Robby Alomar was the best defensive second baseman of his era — maybe ever — and there were years where he was hands-down the best all-around player in baseball. The umpire incident was unfortunate, but he and the ump resolved that long ago — and if they can, we can. Put him in the Hall. Dawson too.
I understand the argument for Blyleven (though not convinced he belongs), but Smith? Dluth2 has it right: just stats, and overrated stats besides.
The rest? Thank you — seriously, thank you — for playing our game.

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