12/4 Scouting reports

Here’s more info from MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo on the two Minor Leaguers the Cubs got from Oakland in Thursday’s deal.

Ronny Morla

Morla is a solid mid-range kind of prospect. His numbers in the Northwest League don’t look all that exciting, but what probably interested the Cubs is that he was throwing 93-94 mph with his fastball and maintaining it in his starts. He complements the fastball with a good slider. It’s the breaking ball that largely was the swing-and-miss pitch that allowed him to rack up over a strikeout per inning with Vancouver. At 21, he’s got a good pitcher’s body and is projectable. If a team put him in the bullpen exclusively, he could increase the fastball into the mid-90s.

Matt Spencer

Spencer is big and athletic, capable of playing the outfield as well as first base. He’s got an above-average arm. In fact, there was some talk about drafting him as a pitcher because he was 90+ in brief mound stints at Arizona State. He’s got plus raw power and became a much better overall hitter in 2009 by shortening his swing after getting promoted to Double-A. He can hit the ball out of any park and the OF-1B mix gives him a little versatility defensively. He drew a comparison to current Cub Micah Hoffpauir at similar stages of their careers. 

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

We’ve already got a languishing Micah Hoffpauir and so Spencer can look forward to a similar career with the Cubs as well? Micah is not known as being capable of playing the outfield, only that he can be put in the outfield when all other options are exhausted. Evidently the A’s thought higer of Fox than Spencer even though Spencer is described
as Fox. I believe this move was more about Hendry being able to dump one of his glaring mistakes in Miles but had to include Fox to get it done. This would have been a much more “understandable” trade if made by Hendry’s successor dumping Hendry’s mistakes but Hendry trading players like Miles, Heillman etc. just confirms that he’s covering his own tracks. When you think of it, couldn’t just about ANYBODY in the GM postion “accomplish” what Hendry has?

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