12/6 Bradley & the Rangers

Milton Bradley had his best season with the Rangers in 2008 when he led the American League in on-base percentage, hit 22 homers and drove in 77 runs. The Rangers want to add a big bat to their lineup for next season, and have inquired about bringing Bradley back. But a Texas source said Sunday that Bradley was very high maintenance and the team wasn’t sure it wanted to deal with that “headache” again. Texas is looking for some bullpen help, which the Cubs could provide in a trade. However, the Rangers do not want Bradley if the Cubs aren’t willing to pick up a chunk of the $21 million still owed the switch-hitting outfielder.

The Tampa Bay Rays appear to be one of at least three teams interested in Bradley, whom the Cubs are trying to move.

— Carrie Muskat



My guess is the third team is the angels who want to trade gary matthews jr.! Who hasn’t been very productive in a while, But I might consider this if the angels threw in some good prospects, but that is doubtful and he has lost some in the fielding department too. Good luck jim!!!

Bradley? High maintenance? No! Hendry must have been off-planet when that memo went around.

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