12/6 Hendry & Lou focused on 2010

Whether Lou Piniella wants to come back beyond the 2010 season has not been discussed and is not the team’s focus right now, GM Jim Hendry said Sunday.

Piniella was in Cincinnati to attend the Reds’ fan fest this weekend, and was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times as saying he wanted to “wait and see” as to whether he’ll manage beyond 2010, which is the last year of his contract.

“I’m not worried about it at all,” said Hendry, who was in Indianapolis to attend the Winter Meetings. “Lou and I have been good together and we never talked about him either retiring or continuing ever. It’s not an issue for me. We’ll go out and play in 2010 and worry about it after that.”

Piniella, 66, has led the Cubs to winning records in each of his three seasons in Chicago, winning the National League Central in the first two years. He is the first Cubs manager to guide the team to a winning record three straight years since Leo Durocher did so five consecutive seasons, 1967-71.

Would Hendry like to have Piniella return in 2011?

“Yes,” Hendry said. “He’s got a good enough relationship with me that [we can talk about] whatever feelings he wants to talk about. I think we’re both focused on just trying to get back on track and be a contender again. I’m not worried about [his contract status] and he’s not worried about it.”

Piniella, who led the Reds to the World Series in 1990, has said the Cubs will be his last managing job. Hendry and Piniella were part of a large Cubs contingent that attended the Indianapolis Colts’ NFL game Sunday.

— Carrie Muskat

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