12/6 Milton & the Rays

The Rays apparently feel the same way about the money owed Milton Bradley that the Rangers do. Both teams want the Cubs to pick some of it up. Tampa Bay would like to have a hitter like Bradley in their lineup. Last year, when he was a free agent, Bradley was courted by Tampa Bay officials. According to the St. Petersburg Times, executive vice president Andrew Friedman and manager Joe Maddon took Bradley to lunch to get a better read on the outfielder.

“For me, I would have no problems whatsoever if he became part of our organization,” Maddon told the Times. “If that were to ever happen I’m pretty sure we’d get along pretty well.”

The casual lunch revealed a different side of Bradley, whose first year in Chicago ended with a 15-game suspension for detrimental conduct. Maddon had heard good things from Bud Black, who managed Bradley in San Diego in 2007.

“You get all this what you hear, what you see and obviously some of the things that he has done,” Maddon told the Times. “Then you sit with him and you get a totally different perspective on him. … I found him to be a bright, thoughtful, family-oriented kind of a guy. So I thought he was interesting.”

The Rays would like to move outfielder Pat Burrell, who batted .221 with 14 homers and 64 RBIs in 122 games last season. The Cubs do want a right-handed hitter who can play right field against left-handers in place of Kosuke Fukudome, who was 9-for-55 against southpaws. Bradley is owed $9 million in 2010 and $12 million in 2011. Burrell is owed $9 million next year.

— Carrie Muskat


well it seem as though there are many deals out there within the Cubs reach. Players and cash just seem to be the HOLDUP!! Rays want to give up Upton and want Bradley, Give them Bradley and Fuld for Crawford..Get in to the 3-way with the mets and they could have Upton, That would make me happy! Then call the Orioles and tell them they have Fontenot and Patton Or Caridad available for Brian Roberts. I see no other pieces that the cubs would needs next year..two trades solves their woes. Man I wish I could be a GM..can’t wait for the next heart attack!

michael.j.patterson1@navy.mil, I take it you’re no fan of Hendry either? But anticipating the next heartattack is a little much. How about that he JUST gets fired or even gets a better job offer he can’t refuse? I too would love to be the Cubs GM although it can’t be as easy as we think, it certainly would be easy to NOT sign players of Soriano’s skill to an EIGHT YEAR contract or players of Bradley’s disposition to anythng more than a ONE YEAR contract. It’s the big “DUHS” that hendry misses that are the most frustrating part of watching him run the show. But a heart attack? I’ll stick with the hopes of a pink slip.

joeydafish, yeah I was refering to how I would love to have the job it “seems” so easy, my statement about the heart attack was just stating that it must not be so easy and quite stressful, hence JH having a heart attack..would not wish that on anyone!!

michael.j.patterson1@navy.mil, Gotcha, good to know we Cubs fans haven’t sunk to a level of wishing heart attacks on anybody. So……. what about waiting for a pink slip? Appropriate?

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