12/7 Milton & the Mets

Word in the lobby at the Indianapolis Marriott is that the third team talking to the Cubs about Milton Bradley is the Mets. They’d like to move second baseman Luis Castillo, a switch-hitter who batted .302 this season. He has two years and $12 million remaining on his contract. Bradley has two years and $21 million left on his. The Mets want another power bat and could be convinced Bradley is the guy.

The Rangers and Rays also have talked to the Cubs about Bradley, and both of those teams have large contracts they’re trying to move. It will likely still come down to how much the Cubs are willing to pick up.

One other item on GM Jim Hendry’s shopping list this week is finding a more experienced right-handed reliever for the bullpen.

— Carrie Muskat


It will likely still come down to how much the Cubs are willing to pick up….that is some awesome leverage that Hendry created, way to go Jim!! You’re in the driver seat now allright. Nothing like playing with a strong hand. Hey, if Hendry’s CLEVER enough maybe he can somehow get Jeremy Burnitz and Jacque Jones to come back and play a stellar outfield!!

Oh… I get Hendry’s reasoning NOW…if he lands Castillo he will then sign Jim Abbott out of retirement so the Cubs can have “Abbott and Castillo” and then Hendry won’t be the only comedy act in the organization…BRILLIANT!!!

Cubs’ 2010 starting lineup: Who’s on first, Castillo’s on second, I Don’t Know’s at third, I Don’t Give a Darn’s at short, Today’s catching, Abbott’s pitching . . .

He, he…speaking of comedy (of errors) Is there any truth to the rumor Soriano will be the spokesperson for International House Of Pancakes…”IHOP”?!?!?!
I’m killin’ me!!!

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