12/9 Cubs notebook

The Rule 5 Draft will be held Thursday, and last year, the Cubs acquired pitcher David Patton. The team does have openings on its 40-man roster, and have identified some players they’re interested in.

“My gut feeling is we have a few people we would consider,” GM Jim Hendry said. “We won’t draft somebody just to draft somebody. If we feel there’s somebody with a realistic chance, we’d consider it.”

The Cubs were able to protect five players on their 40-man roster, but among the names who could be selected are catchers Steve Clevenger and Chris Robinson, infielder Matt Camp, and pitcher Thomas Diamond.

* Sean Marshall has done everything the Cubs have asked the last two years, and will be one of three candidates for the fifth starter spot in 2010.

“We’ll go to camp now with Marshall, [Tom] Gorzelanny and [Jeff] Samardzija competing for the fifth spot,” Hendry said. “All of them are capable of going back to the bullpen, too.”

Marshall had a 3.23 ERA in 46 relief appearances and a 5.24 ERA in his nine starts.

“It’s hard to be in that [swingman] role and he’s been around enough now to handle both,” Hendry said. “It’s not easy to bounce back and forth when your role changes.”

* Gary Hughes, special assistant to the general manager, was honored as Scout of the Year on Wednesday at the Winter Meetings. Hughes has spent the last 42 years working in professional baseball, and joined the Cubs in October 2002.

“He’s a special guy,” Hendry said. “A lot of people in baseball, we love the game. He takes it to a level, he loves all the people. He’s spent his life helping people get better on and off the field. That’s Gary Hughes.”

* Scouting director Tim Wilken and scout Paul Weaver both toured the Indianapolis Colts’ facility on Wednesday to look at their scouting and player evaluation techniques.

— Carrie Muskat


Centerfielders in the rule 5 draft??? Bradley arrgggggggggggggh!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see him gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The longer we have him the worse the trade possibilities get. J.J. Putz?? we have a surplus of young pitching!!!! Maybe Putz for the league minimum or slightly more on a one-year deal…

Was wondering while they were touring the colts facilitys if they asked Polian to be our GM!

“My gut feeling is we have a few people we would consider,” …Yeah, right Jim. We all have seen what your “gut feeling” produces…it guts the Cubs roster. A few people to consider in the rule 5 draft? What’s that say about YOUR OWN minor leaguers? Not ready for prime time YET? Not even in todays economy and with the limited budget and options “poor” Jim Hendry has? Hendry certainly has inherited a tough situation with all the bad contracts and poorly evaluated personel….or so that’s what he’d like us to believe. I wouldn’t let him pick his nose let alone a rule 5 draft player.

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