12/9 The Ryno effect

A snowstorm was the only thing to stop the Triple-A Iowa Cubs from selling tickets on Wednesday in Des Moines. The phones started ringing immediately when word got out that Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg would be the team’s new manager.

“Ryno has spurred some interest in us, that’s for sure,” said Iowa general manager Sam Bernabe on Wednesday.

Bernabe was in Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings, and talked to Peoria club officials about how they handled Sandberg’s first season as a Minor League manager. The media requests have started already.

“He knows what’s expected of him,” Bernabe said of Sandberg, who led the Double-A Tennessee Smokies to the Southern League championship this year.

— Carrie Muskat


I am probably the only Cub fan who is happy to see the Cubs still have Milton Bradley. In my many years of following MLB I have noticed that most ballplayers have a bad year now and then, for wharever reason. I will not put all the blame for the Cubs poor season on him. He had a lot of help. People say a lot of mean things when they are mad. Constant boo’s will do that to you.

If he doesn’t work out, in the first part of next season, there will be plenty of time to trade him before the trading deadline.

Well this only shows that many sports fanatics are still on ticket buying, wholesales or retail will surely do. But what is this triple-A Iowa Cubs from selling tickets on Wednesday in Des Moines? Are they really true. Maybe I should check it out more. And Ryno, what about him? What kind of interest this is?

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