12/10 Center of attention

As Jim Hendry drives home on Interstate 65 from Indianapolis to Chicago Thursday, he’ll be discussing the center field options with his co-pilot. Hendry spent most of Wednesday meeting with agents for the free agent center fielders on the market, which include Scott Podsednik, Rick Ankiel, Marlon Byrd and Mike Cameron. Now, it comes down to who is the best fit for the Cubs. Who’s your pick?

— Carrie Muskat


Cameron is the best option. He’s still great defensively, hits for power and shouldn’t command a long-term contract. Byrd is the 2nd best choice but will probably want a longer, more expensive deal.

I like Cameron I just hope he is not too old.

Give me Podsednik. We need a legitimate lead off hitter and someone who can create havoc on the basepaths. Cameron’s a good glove but I don’t want anything to do with his .250 average or his 150ks a year. What’s wrong with Coco Crisp? He’d be a nice affordable lead off option too.

Cameron, is the best option, But Frankly it doesn’t matter because we won’t be signing anyone until Bradley’s is gone, if he isn’t still on the team. Brad snyder is available I hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sign Brad Snyder!!!!

I still say Johnson…

When a GM’s free agent options are limited such as they are this year, none of which scream “must have” or “HUGE improvement” it is time for promoting a minor leauger like Fuld, Snyder, Colvin. After what I saw of Fuld in his short time in the majors I would be happy to START the season with him, save some dough and use it at the trade deadline. We’ll see how much confidence Hendry has in is own system, it appears very little to none when it comes to the outfield. If I HAD to waste the Ricketts’ money like I’m sure Hendry will do…I would then go with Cameron for ONE YEAR ONLY if he would accept it, if not FULD! Hendry, geez!

By the way, who is Hendry’s co-pilot? Andy McFail?

Scott Podsednik would be a good fit, we could likely get him for a year, maybe with an opt. yr., Then either shop or hopefully have one of the kids ready to go. Pods is a left handed lead off man, with some speed, and plays “D” well.

Cameron. Please sign Cameron. Let’s not do the we’ll sign Bradley instead of Ibanez this year and spend next winter trying to deal Posednik or Ankiel.

Scotty Pods would not be a good fit as he can no longer adequatley patrol CF, Cameron or Byrd would be the way to go if a gun was ponted at Hendry’s head (don’t read into that, Dr. Freud!!). Still, Reed Johnson platooning with Sam Fuld would be better than any of the listed free agents.
Evidently neither has shown Hendry enough???? Duh.

fuld would be a good option as a lead-off hitter too speed good obp doesn’t strike out a lot. Get rid of bradley already!!!!!!!!! Now even Tampa doesn’t want him, can’t say I blame them though. I know eric Byrnes has sucked the last couple of years but is atleast pretty solid defensively and maybe jaramillo can turn him around for one year as opposed to two of bradley. Historically Byrnes has hit lefties well and has played all three outfield spots adequately. He would be a very exspensive platoon player but Jim hendry hasn’t found any better deals. If it was a straight contract swap I’d do it. But I wouldn’t eat any of the contract to get byrnes. Byrnes platooning with fukodome and backing up center and left, Fuld ,snyder and colvin battle it out in spring training for centerfield.

scott posednik can’t even play centerfield anymore, rick ankiel had one good year due to steroids and has sucked besides that, pass on both of them and we don’t have the money to sign cameron or byrd and no one wants milton bradley so we won’t have the money to sign byrd or cameron.

I don’t want any of them on my team …first of all …Cubs would probably overpay …ie soriano and bradley …none of them are true lead off guys …which is a major need …posednik is the closest …but none hit for any average …we don’t need the power …Cubs need someone who can make contact …get on base …move runners over …not strike out ever 2 out of 3 times at the plate …steal a base …you have to be able to find a better solution that any of those guys …don’t sign someone to just sign some one …

Pods, by far and away, is the BEST selection. Of course Mike Cameron is good defensively. However, we need OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Pods makes 3 or 4 more errors than Cameron, or someone else, he’ll make up or it in having a much higher BA.

Look, money is gonna be tight, and as we proved last year good chemistry and attitude DO make the difference between a good team and a great team. Two names: Reed Johnson & Sam Fuld, get a player with the skills and a great attitude, not a personality that maybe had a good year once or twice. Why are we leaving these two out of talks for an every day guy?

We need two general managers: We’ll let Hendry can pick the pitchers, infielders, and bench players, and let someone else pick the starting outfielders.

We need two general managers: We’ll let Hendry pick the pitchers, infielders, and bench players, and let someone else pick the starting outfielders.

s312r2s101, I’m with you on that. But one COMPETANT GM would be the best solution.

I agree with joeydafish that if we have to sign somebody, it should be Mike Cameron and only for one year. Mike has spent some time playing in the NL central so he’ll be familiar with the teams, stadiums, pitching, etc..

HOWEVER, I’d be happy to start with Colvin in center at the start of the season. If it doesn’t work out, we have until the trade deadline to make appropriate moves. With the young guys we have, we don’t need to jump at someone just because there are people that are looking for a place to play. This free agent group is mediocre at best and they each have some flaw that wouldn’t work for the club (good offense but no defense, strikes out too much, gets picked off the based paths way too much, etc.).

johnnyparkside, thanks! It’s always nice to be agreed with.
You must be one smart Cub fan! He, he.

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