12/11 Arbitration deadline

Saturday is the deadline for teams to tender contracts to arbitration eligible players, and the Cubs are expected to do so for eight of the nine players who qualify. Only Neal Cotts was not expected to be tendered a contract, but the lefty will likely re-sign with the team. Cotts began the 2009 season on the Cubs’ roster but was optioned to Triple-A Iowa after 19 games. He underwent Tommy John surgery on his left elbow July 2, and has been rehabbing in Arizona.

The others who will be tendered include IF Jeff Baker, 2B Mike Fontenot, LHP Tom Gorzelanny, RHP Angel Guzman, RHP Carlos Marmol, LHP Sean Marshall, C Koyie Hill and SS Ryan Theriot.

— Carrie Muskat


How about that rule 5 pick up?
Mota, big deal. If he pans out great, then Hendry got lucky. Why anybody would give Hendry credit for “orchestrating” winning seasons is beyond me. Dallas Green did the same thing, at least he
acquired a Hall of Famer. No matter how much credit is undeservedly given to Hendry, he in one season
of unfathomable brain cramps and blunders single handidly caused the collapse of anything good he has
ever done in the past or that he has ever stumbled into. What GM in their right mind does the following (especially all within a few seasons): Sign an aging, defensivley INEPT Soriano to 8 years, sign Gregg, Miles, Heillman, BRADLEY, take a huge risk with an imported Fukodome, trade DeRosa, let Blanco get away thusly denying any “mentoring” to Soto-THAT worked out great-, trade Marquis for a washed up reliever then release HIM…sigh…I’m sure there are some fellow Hendry bashers out there that can add to my list? And he then confirms he’s a bafoon by “getting rid” of Miles, Gregg, Heillman, Bradley? Even if he was doing “the job” of a GM by controlling or paring payroll by some of these moves it is only because he haphazardly and foolishly created the demon payroll to begin with dating back to Soriano’s LUDICROUS EIGHT YEAR DEAL.

if you could get fukodome to wave his no trade clause, aaron rowand for fukodome makes sense, Giants will save ten million in the long run due to rowand being signed for three more years while fukodome is for two years, while they have similar batting statistics fukodome does have a better obp, while Rowand hit a couple more homeruns, But we need a centerfielder or atleast that is the consensus among upper management, Rowand is still a pretty good fielder, and his power numbers and batting average will likely go up in a more hitter friendly ballpark. Plus fukodome needs to be platooned while rowand doesn’t. We can throw in hoffpaur and a minor leaguer like Darwin Barney to consumate the deal, (giants are looking for a firstbaseman) while I Think hoffpaur still has potential I think he could be an option for them at firstbase or a platoon option atleast. Cubs save one million this year, 1.5 million next year but are on the hook for one more year of Rowand. But the cubs also save money this year and next year by not having to pay for a platoon player to go with fukodome. I know this next part is going to anger a lot of cub fans but what do we do with bradley in this instance, keep him!!! Until the trade deadline, Instruct him he will not be doing any interviews or talking to the media whatsoever. He can communicate with the media through edited written staments only. Maybe jaramillo can help get his trade value up and we can trade him midseason, Who would we replace him with you ask if we trade him mid-season. Brad snyder, Tyler Colvin (if ready) or trade for another guy if neither of these guys are ready to take over the reins. We might be able to get rid of bradley midseason but right now we are backed in a corner, If bradley plays nice and rebounds some which I think he will cause he obviously hates chicago and wants out but won’t give up his money in order to do it we might come out ahead atleast from our current situation while I don’t want to see bradley anymore than you do I frankly don’t see many other options!!!!!!!!! What do you think Joeydafish.

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