12/12 Bradley & the Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays signed free agent reliever Rafael Soriano for $7.25 million, which pushes the team to the max salary-wise. What does that have to do with the Cubs? It could affect whether the Cubs can deal Milton Bradley to the Rays for Pat Burrell. Both Bradley and Burrell will make $9 million next season. But Bradley is owed $13 million in 2011, and that may be more than the Rays are willing to take on.

Rays executive VP Andrew Friedman wouldn’t specifically address Bradley-Burrell, but told the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times: “Our focus is on continuing to try to make this 2010 team better. It’s going to take a little bit more creativity, but our focus is still on doing that. But I think there’s definitely a chance that, for the most part, this is the team that we go into April with. That being said, five days ago, I didn’t think we’d end up with Rafael Soriano.”

The Cubs have to decide how much of Bradley’s salary they’re willing to pick up if they want to move him. And they do want to move him.

How eager do fans want to see Bradley go? Someone on Twitter urged people to send $3 to “No More Milton Bradley” to pay for his salary to help move him, and listed an address. That address was for Wrigley Field. No, it wasn’t Jim Hendry who posted the tweet.  

— Carrie Muskat



Although money is tight at christmas 10$ is definitely affordable for me setup an account and give me the mailing address and I’ll send it in. I have pondered this idea myself but didn’t think it would go over. Would the cubs be willing to do this? If so I’m all for it, I don’t know how that would go over with the IRS since the cubs are not a non-profit charity organization, but if they were to sell something low cost like a campaign type slogan pin, for 10$ to 12$ a pop, Reading something like certified diehard bradley bailout sponsor, with the cubs emblem I’d definitely buy one or two. Would the cubs consider this????? Doubtful, unfortunately but if they do you can count me in. Or if they didn’t want to do that another option is an official 2010 WE BELIEVE certificate with a players autograph, I’m sure I have a frame and a spot on the wall in my man cave for that. 10$ sold, I’ll take two. Get rid of Bradley already!!!!!!!! I’ll need to Know the number I call or internet address I go to place my order!!!!! Diehard cubs fan forever!!!!!!

I love the Cubs. I truly truly do. However, I am concerned more with how the players PLAY, than what the players happen to say off the field. If you are a die hard Cubs fan, you shouldn’t want Burrell. He brings nothing to this team and keeping Bradley would be a better situation, I think, both offensively and defensively. I’d much rather have Bradley stay than have Pat Burrell + having to eat a lot of Bradley’s contract. :Sigh:

I don’t know why the Cubs fans have so much hate for Milton Bradley. Yeah he had a bad year as do a lot of players, but give the guy a break. Cubs were losing long before Milton was even born. He is not the reason the Cubs haven’t won in over 100 years. Get over it and let the guy do what he does, Play Baseball.

cubsforever if fans were to do this, pretty much pay for his salary to be eaten we could trade him for prospects and be done with it or just outright release him but I think if you paid 75% of his salary you could get some pretty decent prospects out of it headache that he is or not, but it doesn’t really matter this is all just hypothetical anyways. I don’t want burrell either. Regardless of what he said off the field we still have two rightfielders fukodome and bradley and a defensively challenged leftfielder in soriano, we need a centerfielder who has good range and preferably who will drive in some runs and fukodome,soriano, and bradley aren’t that guy. We have Sam Fuld a great defensive option, Tyler colvin who isn’t ready and needs more time in the minors. We need fuld to as a defensive replacement for soriano in left late in games with the lead. What are your suggestions cubsforever?

Of course if we were able to pay for a big chunk of his contract, that would be best and we could pull out something decent. However, I don’t think that will happen. To be honest, I don’t know what the best solution is. What I do know is that a trade for Burrell would not solve anything, I’d rather just keep Bradley and pay for him than having to trade for Burrell + pay for some of Bradley. In terms of the options in CF, I think Reed Johnson is probably the best option, both offensively/defensively, and won’t cost a ridiculous amount. Reed hit like.250 or something this year, but his career BA is much higher.

And by we paying for a big chunk of contract, I am talking about the fans.

If you read the article it was mentioned by a fan on twitter in my comment above I said I would contribute, it’s hypothetical, merely for the sake of conversation do you have 5$ or 10$ you would contribute to better the cubs this offseason?

~~~~~~ BLOWN AWAY ~~~~~~……….. I am not concerned about Bradley at all….. I have been watching the cubs and who they are picking up…. and I do believe that this Cub team is being built for maybe a 2012-2014 window… Hendry-Cubs-Ricketts are picking up every talented minor leaguer out there that they can get their hands on… and it totally makes sense….. I expect Bradley will be traded along with cash, and the Cubs will get some loser with a fat contract + a straight minor league talent of some kind… and that minor league talent will be the player the Cubs really want.. I had a lot of doubts and concerns with a freaking banker as owner of the Cubs… But, I do believe the Cubs finally have good owners… They are building a foundation… They are consuming all the young talent they can get.. I am totally surprised at how much young talwnt with potential they have picked up this week…Usually they are the ones giving it away for some hasbeen… I just hope the Ricketts family finds a happy medium when it comes to paying to retain talent as these young players blossom into perrenial all stars…. but it does make sense… build a foundation by bringing in all the best young talent to develop and grow together…. Ryan Theriot will be the old man of the World Series Champion Cubs…. You heard it called right here.. The Bradley drama is second fiddle to the real story… and it’s all good..

bradley for prospects sounds good to me, resign brad snyder and let colvin, fuld and snyder battle it out for centerfield

mhi2sense, I don’t get your “foundation” theory…of course a foundation should be built for any good team’s long run of success, why on earth couldn’t Hendry have adopted that way of thinking many years ago when first stumbling into the GM position? It took the combinationt Hendry and the RICKETTS? Don’t you think Hendry could have been a “foundation” type of GM for the previous owner? I’m sticking with Hendry is just plain over-rated if not BAD at his job. The day Hendry reduces his salary to 20-30 grand by donating HIS cash to unload Bradley (in theory or not) is the day I’ll donate mine. Forking over fan’s hard earned money to help dump Wilton Sadley would just be a “Hendry Bailout” which would be worse than the auto bailout. Burrell or anybody else we would be “lucky” to get for Bradley won’t matter, pick and choose your poison. What matters is while other GMs are activley and aggressivley improving their team our GM is activley trying to correct his past sins.

First Thing I Cub fans already pay Bradley just by buying tickets to the games If you want to show Ricketts that the fans mean something stop buying tickets until he fires Hendry and dumps Milton
Hendry is a joke at this point all he has done is clean up the mess he made of a great team last season and you all should remember he has spent the last two years saying he can do that much because of the ownership situation….well thats fixed now and he is doing less

First thing Ricketts needs to understand is that the only way (at least most of the time ) to win in the post season is to spend and buy the best team you can as NY , Boston and others have proven over the last few years

That said I agree we need to build from within and make much smarter moves id much rather have Fox than Bradley)

as for Bradley I think at this point we should just keep him rather than spending more $$ and getting another washed up overpaid player
here are my suggestions

Keep him and don’t play him . that will piss him off to no end and he will loose value when he tries to sign somewhere else also dont let him have acceese to trainers or coaches just sit him on the bench until he decides to give up his contract
Let him play and let the fans take care of him
I hate to say that but nobody should get away with saying the thing he said about Chicago and the Cubs and the fans in possibly the best baseball city in the world ( by the way i am not form Chicago and don’t live there but I am a life time cubs fan ) I think the fans should give him so much crap when he is on the field that he wont want to play and do the same off the field so he cant even walk the streets I know its harsh but he’s an *******
they could just put him on the DL and keep him there for 2 years
how to do this
well Last year David Patton spent almost all year on the DL conveniently
and there has been a rash of players the last few years going on the dl for mental problems (Dontrell(sp) Wills ans K.Green to name a few ) and Milton has proven he is a mental case so keep him out
I know thees things are harsh but this guy is a Cancer to the clubhouse and has to go and we should not acquire more dead weight for him

and by the way can we trade Hendry I would take two Peanut vendors and a Janitor to be named later.

Sorry for the rant and I know i will get a lot of **** for this but I had to say it

joeydafish I love the Wilton Sadley comment Hendry has been flopping around like a fish out of water trying to find somebody to take on bradley and his contract, if things continue this way I don’t think he will be around that much longer, he was the laughing stock of the winter meetings. Ricketts probably didn’t want to bring in somebody new with this mess that hendry has created in our outfield, and the situation with wilton sadley. It would be a hendry bailout do you think he will be still be around much longer. I don’t!!!!! You have to admit besides the oufield he has done a pretty decent job. The problem is that these three were given huge contracts that will hamper the team for years to come!!!! I think this will probably be his last offseason.

mhi2sense is onto something. The Cubs do tend to look for other teams’ minor league talent. Also, some of these players may be guys the Cubs wanted to draft, but someone else beat them to it. One perfect example is a player who was supposedly a throw-in in the Sammy Sosa trade. Turns out the team wanted him in the 2001 draft, but another team beat them to it. This may be happening in other deals the team makes.

I think we should keep bradley….we are not getting anything valuable for him in return. I know about his comments and everything and how a disappointment he was last season but he would be getting what he wants: another team to do whatever he wants and still get his money paid. We should force him to stay and play like he was supposed to play when he was first signed. If not bench him and give someone younger the opportunity to play in center as someone stated some posts before.
Thats my opinion

wrigleyguy, I’d like to share your enthusiasm for Hendry’s quick departure but somebody will need to pinch me if and when it happens as I’ve seen way too many questionable employee decisions by the Cubs regardless of ownership and retaining Hendry is just another added to a long list.
Mexicancub, how can one be forced to play as expected or projected? Not arguing, but wouldn’t that be saying Bradley was NOT forced to play as expected LAST SEASON? I see no forced improvement from Bradley in 2010 should he remain a Cub (argh!), any improvement must come from WITHIN HIM, he would have to CHOOSE to rise to the challenge. Should he remain a Cub I would hope he has a fantastic offensive season but still wouldn’t miss him should he be traded prior to the 2011 seaso. We may have to deal with Hendry’s ultimate mess of an outfield in 2010.
Alpnonso SorryOhno! in left, Kuske FooledaHendry in center and yes…Wilton Sadley in right. Makes one miss Sosa, hell it makes one miss Kingman!

Hey joeydafish I think you might’ve gotten me wrong….what I was saying is that the difference should be that if Bradley doesnt perform as expected he will know that he wont play that way, that Lou wouuld bench him, unlike this year that it didn’t matter how he performed he had his place in the lineup. Its impossible to “make” someone perform as expected. And I think that there’s no point of trading an overpaid player if the guy you are getting in return is as overpaid as him and also you need to eat part of Bradley’s contract…it just doesn’t make any sense, at least for me. So I’d rather keep Bradley and see whats next.

Also I think that the idea of the fans paying for Hendry’s mistake is frightening. No way. We already payed it by missing playoffs.

mexicancub, gotcha. But, if we are to get another overpaid player in exchange for Bradley, let’s say its’ Burrell for the sake of converstation and we wind up eating some of Bradley’s contract at least Burrell’s contract ends after 2010 whereas Bradley’s is through 2011. At this point we may be stuck with the lesser of two evils and it may be better to have an overpaid benchwarmer/pinch-hitter/fill-in outfielder in Burrell which would open up a spot for a rookie right fielder rather than be stuck with an overpaid, malcontent, brooding Bradley in right field. Bradley’s “performance” and especially his attitude from day one of last year was so BAD he should be cast off no matter who we get in return (except Aaron Miles of course…in case Hendry is paying attention…).

Just get rid of him for minor leaguers i dont care… he is cancer for the Cubs.. he is the worst team mate in the history in sports… please get rid of him now.. i would love Pat “the Bat” Burrell .. lets do it.. give them half of what Bradley is owed and call it a day!

bradley does not understand the concept of being a team player. he’s a prima dona. and interesting enough, after the cubs kicked him out of the club house a couple weeks before the end of the season, the players had smiles on their faces—a could had been lifted.

cubsforever, I consider myself a die hard Cub fan just like you, and do care more about how the players PLAY than what they SAY OFF THE FIELD, are you saying you like how Bradley plays on the field or are at least satisfied with his play? I must be looking at a different Bradley, I see a bad outfielder without attention to the game. I’ve never lobbied for dumping Bradley for what he says off the field, just the opposite. He plays poorly AND demonstrates a bad disposition all while ON THE FIELD. You would have a valid point if the only PLAY Bradley was required to do is PLAY at being a DH, but our fearless, misguided GM made the lame decision to bring aboard to his NATIONAL LEAGUE team yet another inadequate fielding outfielder (i.e. Soriano) and now Bradley’s PLAY is nothing but awful because his sub-average defense neagates any offense he might bring to his game. Hendry should have realized that you don’t get to the World Series with an outfield of defensively challenged fielders that can only hit the ball hard but not catch it.

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