12/13 Cubs consider Capps

The Pirates’ decision to not tender closer Matt Capps could benefit the Cubs. Capps is now a free agent and his rep, Paul Kinzer, told the Chicago Tribune that the right-hander is interested in the Cubs. Chicago does have Carlos Marmol as its closer but Capps could be the experienced right-handed set-up pitcher the Cubs are looking for. He made $2.4 million last season and the Pirates did not tender him because they felt Capps would receive a significant pay increase in arbitration.

— Carrie Muskat


Unless the cubs are looking to trade some of there young pitching to help get rid of bradley and/or acquire a centerfielder this move makes little sense. We currently have esmailin caridad, justin berg, and angel guzman who all seem to be very viable options as a right-handed setup man. Not to mention that we also have samardzija, blake parker, jeff stevens, jeff gray, david patton, marcos mateo, mitch atkins who will all be copeteing for spots on the roster as well. How did those experienced right-handed guys we got last year come out Aaron Heilman and Kevin Gregg? Yeah, I know!!! Matt Capps is still pretty young and might very well have a rebound this year from his dismal season last year where he posted a 5.80 ERA and a 1.656 Whip. He did post three very respectable seasons previously, but it could also be that hitters have him figured out, he relies heavily on his fastball throwing it 60% of the time and doesn’t have a very good secondary pitch. Sounds a lot like Samardijza, who we already have. A substantial raise over 2.4 million, I certainly hope not after posting a 5.80 ERA? This makes little sense to me considering we are on a limited budget and we haven’t moved Bradley, if we are still planning on move him and want to acquire a centerfielder!

Wow wrigleyguy1980…are you making sense? Just wondering if Hendry has any clue to what sense is. Your comment should be PINNED to Hendry’s forehead before he blows more payroll on a player that is not much better or not at all better then some of the less expensive options in our minor leagues. That is what Hendry does not seem to understand, unless the player he trys to acquire either by trade or free agency isn NIGHT AND FRIGGN’ DAY BETTER than what is available in the system then why blow payroll on him?? Until that MUST have player becomes available (not Bradley, Fukodome, Gregg, Miles, Heillman ALL WASTED MONEY AND ROSTER SPOTS) why not let a rookie develop or showcase WHAT skills he has? With some of the players Hendry has acquired over the past few years and the little promoting that has been seen he is speaking volumes of what HE thinks of his own minor league system. Hendry has pursued the wrong type of free agents in Soriano, Fukodome and Bradley. It’s an outfield of THREE free agent busts, what other GM can bost that?

I can understand interest in Capps.. It would be a good move! But a guy that the Cubs have not even talked about is still out there and in my eyes is the best guy out there. Jason Bay has got to be the guy for us!! If we get rid of Bradley and get Bay that would be a lineup that would strike fear in pitchers!… Fukodome could play center, Bay could play right and Soriano Left!

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