12/14 Center field options

Looks like the Cubs’ pool of free agent center fielders is going to lose one. Reports have Mike Cameron close to signing a two-year deal with the Red Sox for $15.5 million. That’s more than the Cubs wanted to spend both in terms of length of contract and money. The other options for center include Marlon Byrd, Scott Podsednik and Rick Ankiel.

— Carrie Muskat


Way to go Jim. You let the only respectable option for CF go. Looks like another wasted FA signing, Reed Johnson, or Sam Fuld.

The team is going to be so much better next year….. I wish.

Why don’t the cubs go after Jacoby Ellsbury? Looks like the Red Sox signed Cameron so he looks available. He would fit in perfectly at leadoff spot for the cubs.

The Red Sox are talking about putting Cameron in left, and keeping Ellsbury in center.

I don’t think we “lost out” at all on Cameron, looks like the Red Sox may be thinking his days in centerfield may be over at his age anyway whereas Hendry/Cubs targeted him for centerfield in Wrigley. It’s not a disaster if Hendry is FORCED to go with more economical options such as Fuld or Snyder and spend whatever money is saved on pitching down the road. Hopefully other GM’s will stay ahead of Hendry thereby making decisions FOR Hendry as he needs all the help he can get in that department.

I don’t think we lost out either. Fuld is fantastic defensively and hit like .299 or something when he was up with us? I think the decision is easy!

I agree with joeydafish, though I’m not nearly as anti-Hendry as he is, I don’t think the Cubs lost out on anything. The Red Sox did, however, take a huge step backwards from Bay. Concerning the Red Sox, I’m not exactly heart broken that they made one bad decision, especially since they signed Lackey. I say start Fuld in center and sign Reed Johnson to play a significant amount of time in center and to play left when Soriano hurts a knee again. The Cubs don’t need to make a bunch of big signings to be better next year. Hopefully they’ll be better as is with a few tweaks. One fairly big tweak that would be nice is signing Capps! Ok, I’m going to quit talking in circles now. Go Cubs!

wrigleyguy1980, are drinking the koolade today? Sorry, couldn’t resist. I can’t imagine any team wanting to pay half of Bradley’s salary AND give up prospects. At least Juan Pierre has value as a contact hitter, decent outfileder, base stealer etc. in other words Hendry salivated for Pierre years ago and then somehow found Pierre expendable (or too expensive) and now we have a worse outfield situation with even more expensive, less useful players in Soriano, Fukodome and Bradley. Those three contracts make Pierre’s 44 million look like a bargain and now Williams got even a better bargain. I would trade Bradley for Pierre straight up in a hearbeat. Although Pierre can be considered overpaid you can count on him for many things except power. What can you count on from Bradley? A short stay. Kenny Williams is a GM that has siezed opportunities made available by less competant GM’s such as Hendry. Would anybody blame Williams if he got Hendry to trade Bradley to the Sox for 20 cents on the dollar? I think the only way Hendry can dump Bradley is by taking on another bad contract similar to Burrells etc. At this point I’m numb to the Bradley thing. Keep him, trade him, bench him, DL, fine him, suspend him…whatever. Hendry and his games will continue regardless. We can’t pin all our hopes on dumping Bradley when Hendry’s in the driver seat anyway. Sadly, there may always be another Soriano, Bradley, Fukodome, Gregg, Miles on Hendry’s radar.

Is it possible for the cubs to do what the dodgers did with juan pierre eat half of bradley’s contract and trade him for prospects? Rather than getting a guy like burrell in return? Go young in centerfield and sign a guy like jonny gomes to platoon in in right with fukodome Gomes has 30 hr in 515 carreer ab against LHP , and spot start in left for soriano. Since we traded fox, hoffpaur is the only bench bat with any power and is a leftie. I’d be happier with Reed Johnson as he can backup centerfield as well and is a better defender and good clubhouse presence if I knew he would stay healthy with his back problems he is always a risk!!

marlon byrd, rick ankiel, pods and reed johnson, If those are my choices I’ll take reed johnson if he is healthy!!!!! He hit terribly last year against righties but over his carreer he has hit .265 very respectable. vs lefties he is great. He also shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Just sign Reed Johnson and Fuld. They play great, plus we might be able to save some money, so we can pay Bradley’s salary while he is on another team.

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