12/14 Santo signs 3-year extension

Ron Santo has reportedly signed a three-year extension with WGN Radio to do the color commentary, and the contract will allow him to take time off as needed for health reasons. The Chicago Sun-Times reported the new deal. Santo has diabetes and has had both legs amputated because of the disease.

— Carrie Muskat


Glad to here it. I listen to more games then I watch and really enjoy Pat and Ron.

I absolutely agree with jonah_hex, Santo and Hughes make most if not all games fun to listen to. I’ll sometimes turn off the T.V. volume and listen to the radio while watching the game. Santo is an inspiration to dedication.

I’m not talking badly about Santo, because he is Mr. Cub himself, but he does drive me nuts to listen to. None the less, he has earned the right to commentate for as long as he wants. Welcome back Ron!

Ron Santo and Pat Hughes gotta love it!!!!! I can’t wait til baseball season they always bring a smile to my face.

Hi, I am A mail carrier in San Antonio, Texas. I was born and raised in Chicago and then made the military my first career. I listen to the cubs on satelite radio and Ron and Pat make it the most enjoyable game. True, I listen to the day games while I work out of my own vehicle, and watch the night games at home. The radio feed beats the TV by a huge margin. Thank you Ron and Pat, not only do I enjoy the play by play, but you two keep me in stitches win or ………lets not talk about that possibility.

Great news! I had the pleasure of meeting Ron in the radio booth at Wrigley a couple of years ago. A nicer person I’ve never met! I look forward to hearing both Pat and Ron over the next couple of years!

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