12/14 Winter ball update

Brad Snyder went 2-for-4, including a triple, and drove in two runs for Mexicali on Sunday. The outfielder was batting .380 with eight homers and 47 RBIs in 52 games in the Mexican League. Snyder batted .278 at Triple-A Iowa this season.

Matt Camp went 1-for-5 and was batting .336 in 53 games. Jeff Stevens walked two and gave up two runs in one-third of an inning for Mexicali. In 12 games, the right-hander has a 4.61 ERA. He has walked eight and given up nine hits over 13 2/3 innings. Jim Adduci was playing for Hermosillo, and batting .224 in 20 games.

In Venezuela, catcher Robinson Chirinos went 2-for-4 Sunday for Magallanes. He was batting .338 in 43 games with eight homers and 26 RBIs. The Cubs were worried they would lose Chirinos in the Rule 5 Draft.

Andres Blanco has apparently finished his Winter Ball stint, batting .294 in 35 games for Magallanes. His last game was Dec. 4.

— Carrie Muskat



How about Brad Snyder or Sam Fuld in center and Fukodome in right and the Cubs save the money Hendry would have blown on a good but not MUST HAVE Mike Cameron, Marlon Byrd or Yada Yadayada? Then the money saved could be put toward a contract acquired at or by the trade deadline? I think a handful of young players would at least contribute offensivley if not come close to the offense we would get from the weak free agent pool. This of course falls on the deaf ears Hendry. Is there ANY criteria or stats that Hendry is looking for from his minor leaguers? What would somebody like Brad Snyder or Sam Fuld have to do to get a starting job on a team STARVING FOR QUALITY OUTFIELDERS and DECIMATED by HENDRY TYPE OF BACKLOADED, BAD CONTRACTS?

wrigleyguy1980, I knew you’d pick up on my Snyder suggestion! But come on, we have to be realistic. Can you imagine a battle of Snyder vs. Fuld for the STARTING centerfield job? Even though it makes sense to us I can’t believe Hendry would advocate such logic…not when the MIGHTY, YOUNG AND IN HIS PRIME Mike Cameron could be had for a mere 7-10 mil a year, why that’s a bargain in Hendry’s world, don’t ya/ think?

Brad Snyder could be a great rbi guy, is a leftie hits lefties and righties 47 rbi’s in 52 games wow studly!!! If he hit .250 with 20 hr and 70 rbi’s from centerfield then you got what mike cameron brings to the table. I know his numbers won’t be as spectacular on the major league level against major league pitching as they are in the mexican league but he shows a lot of promise he’s had 2 successful seasons at the AAA level and now the mexican league. Why not give him a shot….. Sam fuld a defensive stud with base stealing speed a patient hitter good obp could be a viable option for the leadoff spot let him and snyder battle it out in spring traing for the starting centerfield spot. We don’t need more bullpen help we have plenty of viable candidates save the money for next july, don’t sign a mike cameron, rick ankiel, marlon byrd, who we don’t have money for because of the bradley situation, and also since we have viable options already that are much cheaper. save that money for july!!!!!! Oh yeah and get rid of Bradley already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joeydafish according to mlb trade rumors Mike Cameron is in”serious talks” with the bosox. So unless the cubs go young that leaves Scotty Pods, Byrd, and Ankiel. Still they have to move bradley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come oooooooooooooooon Red Sox!

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