12/18 Bradley to M's for Silva

The Cubs apparently have pulled off a shocker, trading volatile outfielder Milton Bradley to the Mariners for pitcher Carlos Silva.

The deal will be made official once Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig approves the transaction because of the money involved.

SI.com reported the two teams were talking, and the Seattle Times reported the deal on Friday. Silva has two years remaining on a four-year, $48 million contract which he got prior to the 2008 season from former Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi.

Bradley is owed $21 million over two years — $9 million in 2010 and $12 million in 2011. Silva has $25 million remaining — $11.5 million in both 2010 and ’11 and a $2 million buyout on a 2012 option.

According to the Seattle Times, Silva no longer has a role on the Mariners. He was 4-15 in 28 starts in 2008, and 1-3 with a 8.60 ERA in eight games (six starts) last season.

Bradley batted .257 with 12 homers and 40 RBIs for the Cubs this season, but was suspended for the final 15 games for detrimental conduct.

— Carrie Muskat


Wow…what an atrocious deal. I know they haven’t been happy with Bradley, but surely they would be better off just cutting Bradley unless there is a SIGNIFICANT amount of cash coming back.


Jim should be on the clock to turn Silva and/or money saved into something better and quickly……..

If the money winds up being a contract for contract situation or even if Hendry “managed” to pry a few million in addition to Silva this trade is still the same thing as if Hendry went out and signed Silva as a free agent for two years at about 24 million…?? Would any of us fans be happy with that? No way. This is the result of Hendry painting himself into a corner, have ZERO leverage with the rest of the GM’s and taking whatever deal was presented to him before spring training rolls around. I certainly don’t miss Bradley, and certainly don’t care weather Silva is good, bad or Cy Young. What I care the most about is when Hendry is no longer GM so we fans don’t have to put up with this kind of “two steps” backward, “one step” forward style of general managing. Bradley=two steps backward, dumping Bradley (for Silva or ANDYBODY)=one step forward, which leaves the team one step backward…WAY TO GO JIMMY!!!

What just happened? I don’t get it, there’s got to be more to it than this. They couldn’t possibly want someone as bad as Silva. Sure Bradley was a problem but at least there’s potential there. Where are they going to use Silva? I really can’t believe this!

Hurray, I wouldn’t have cared if they had traded Bradley for
dog food, at least he’s gone. Wow be to the Mariners.
Hope they don’t waste a signing on Marlon Byrd.

Let’s not rush to judgement…EVERYBODY JUST CALM DOWN, there’s still a chance Hendry flips Silva for…uh…uh
oh yeah, FREDDIE “BOOM BOOM” BYNUM. You go Jim!

Here’s some irony, the current GM of Seattle pulls the trigger on dumping Silva. The former GM of Seattle, Bill Bavasi is just that, a FORMER GM, most likley due to the stupid decision of acquiring Silva in the first place. Hendry must be leading a charmed life for not being another FORMER GM (yet…) for the just as stupid decision of acquiring Bradley.
What’s with that?

Christmas came early.
I don’t care if Silva can break a pane of glass. In fact I don’t care if he can pass gas.
The recurring problem is Hendry.
In a franchise with a history of lousy deals, trades and signings, he gets the gold medal.
I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to get a left-handed throwing catcher. He’d pass it off as ‘innovative’.
My sainted mother knew more about baseball than Jimbo. Come to think of it so did my golden retriever.
Pinella’s probably dancing naked on his boat with a martini and singing.

flyhawk25…I like your style. My sainted mother, God rest her soul, is rolling over in her grave, probably trying to get out to stangle Hendry. I heard just a snipet of Hendry’s comment on the radio, he said something to the effect that he’s not sure if “relieved” is the word regarding dumping Bradley….what Jim? You don’t even have the Steve Stones to admit your releived? Sometimes he can be so much lip service it’s embarrassing to us fans.

I can’t believe the Cubs actually got cash on this deal. Now the burning question regarding this deal is, ask not what you can do for Silva, but what can Silva do for you?

If they don’t flip him, maybe they’ll try to teach him how to pitch again. Maybe he can become a miracle child next year for that money. Okay, now I’m stretching the situation. I doubt he’s some diamond in the rough.

Sorry Carrie, this wasn’t a “Shocker”. We all knew a Bradley trade was coming and that it had to be done BEFORE The Cubs Convention. Nice try anyways as usual.

We all knew a Bradley deal had to get done, but from my conversations with people at the Winter Meetings, it was very unlikely the Cubs were going to find a willing dance partner. Hendry said today the M’s didn’t call about Silva until two days ago. Here’s hoping the change of scenery benefits both players. Mark June 22-24 on your calendars — Cubs at Mariners for Interleague series.

I’m not rushing to run Hendry out of town just yet, and i think everyone in Chicago loves to run there mouth and point fingers at whoever they can. Maybe Bradely wasn’t just running his mouth when talking about chicago media and fans…..there might be some truth….Yes, the players need to perform better and management needs to make better decisions.
The real loss in this whole story was DeRo, his production, leadership and versitility more than makes up for the fact that he bats from the right side of the plate. We all jumped the gun not just Hendry on thinking we needed to get more “Balanced” lineup.

cubbies2102, the real loss being DeRo isn’t enough to get you on board for rushing Hendry out of town? That’s fine, I’m not sure what it will take for you to change your mind but one thing is for sure…speak for yourself when lumping “all” of us in with Hendry (and Lou?) when claiming the need for a “balanced” line-up. I for one did not think that, a better bat yes but I wouldn’t have cared if they acquired a very good right handed hitter/fielder and not just a lefty which turned out to be rather misleading by Hendry anyway since Bradley did not help balance the lineup from the left side.

itzcott, maybe all she meant was that it was shocking that wound up taking on an even worse contract than even his harshest critics imagined? Silva may very well be a better teamate but he certainly has just as much of a chance at dissappointing on the field as Bradley did last year and now we have him for two years. I think Carrie got it right, this whole scenario is rather shocking from day one when Hendry shocked the baseball world by giving Bradley his first ever mult-year contract??

Bye bye milty Let the door hit ya on the way out!!! Give silva a seat at the end of the bullpen. We saved 6 million better than nothing. He was fairly decent when he was in the bullpen but that was a long time ago. Silva 2 years 16 million what other bad contract can we swap with? Silva for eric byrnes(one year 11 million) save 5 million more He has hit lefties well in the past platoon with fukodome still good defensively in rightfield. Sign reed johnson to play centerfield he is cheaper and Marlon byrd is way overrated!!!!!!!!!!!

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