12/19 Spring update – Mesa

Mesa city manager Chris Brady said a meeting Friday with Cubs officials went well and the team assured him that the Arizona city is still a serious candidate for its Spring Training site. The discussion went well enough that Mesa will likely spend $684,000 on improvements to Fitch Park, where the Cubs currently have their Spring Training headquarters.

The Cubs told Brady they will likely make a decision on whether they’re going to move to Florida or stay in Arizona by mid January. On Monday this past week, the Naples, Fla., group got the Collier County community involved and launched their campaign, “Project Home Run.”

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie – Even though there are immediate short-term improvements planned for Fitch park, is an expansion of the Fitch Park facilities one of the proposed sites?

The planned improvements certainly show Mesa’s dedication to the Cubs, but that’s alot of money to inject into a facility that may shut down in a couple years. Just wondering.

Happy Holidays!

No, the current location is not on the list because there isn’t room to expand. The Cubs want six practice fields — they have four now. Fitch Park is surrounded by homes, a city park and city offices. And happy holidays to you, too.

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