12/21 Big Z to Yankees? Agent says no

According to a story in the New York Post, GM Brian Cashman asked Jim Hendry about possibly acquiring Carlos Zambrano but the Yankees did not like the asking price. Zambrano, who has a full no-trade clause, is owed $53.75 million over the next three years. Another report says the Yankees did not even inquire about Zambrano.

What is certain is that Hendry never asked Zambrano’s agent, Barry Praver, about whether the pitcher would waive the no-trade clause to go to New York. Praver said Monday that Zambrano is not interested in doing so.

— Carrie Muskat



While Big Z hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations after signing his new contract, I am glad he is unlikely to be traded, we have a lot of questions in our starting rotation to begin with and according to reports Z has shed 15 pounds and is working harder to stay in better shape this offseason, He has the talent to be a Cy young contender and I get irritated with him sometimes when he is pitching great in a game and gives up a hit and lets his emotions take over and loses his cool, But the fact is he is a very good player and I think he will rebound and have an excellent year this year. Go big Z, Go cubbies!!!!!

You can’t blame Cashman for trying, he’s probably not the only GM out there thinking Hendry can be fleeced…again.
There’s a GM born every minute.

Joeydafish you crack me up sometimes! (THERE’S A GM BORN EVERY MINUTE). Big Z could play everyday for an AL team at dh and pitch every 5th day. Ha!!!!! If he didn’t have the ability to dominate from the mound and was more like a number 5 starter I’d consider moving him and his bat to a different position so his bat would be in the lineup everyday. Merry Christmas Joeydafish,Carrie and Cubbie fan nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wrigleyguy1980, many years of being a frustrated, dissapointed Cubs fan will either drive one to drink or hone one’s sense of humor. I tried drinking, too expensive so I crack wise instead. You know, of all the BAD contracts Hendry has doled out over his misguided tenure, the Zambrano contract is the only one I really did not have a problem with. I guess it’s either my burning curiosity to see Zambrano finally mature AS A CUB and become a dominant pitcher or the remaining amount of illogical sense of false hope. Either way I can live with Zambrano’s “potential” and ability to help the Cubs win much more so than Soriano’s “potential” which is now limited to him POSSIBLY catching a fly ball or belting some home runs in his twilight years. But you know what I’m gonna do regarding Hendry’s lame effort as our GM this holiday season? I’m gonna… FUGGETTABOUTIT!!!! BON NATALE wrigleyguy1980!!!!

A toast of holiday eggnog to wrigleyguy, joeydafish, and all other regular readers/commentators. I appreciate the insight, chuckles and passion. Maybe we’ll find a center fielder under the tree on Christmas morning. Feliz navidad.

And, Feliz Navidad is not a Venezuelan infielder …

Right back atcha Carrie! (That would be SPIKED eggnog no doubt). Feliz…nice one. That’s probably Hendry’s criteria FOR a centerfileder, if he fits under the tree…LET’S SIGN HIM! Note to Hendry: Atlhough Scotty Pods would no doubt fit under the tree and is a very good lead-off man HE CAN NOT PLAY A VERY GOOD CENTERFIELD. Which I know is another one of Hendry’s criteria for outfilelders…lack of defensive skills, but what the heck, if whoever he get’s can’t handle center we’ll just shove Fukodome back in there and limp along to another dissapointing season.

So much for Z going to the Yanks…there must have been some talk because the Yankees acquired Vasquez from the Braves (probably because they couldn’t deal for Zambrano); in return for Vasquez the Braves acuired Melky Cabrerera which was the outfielder that the Cubs needed. Now it seems that the Cubs will sign Byrd at some point. I would still like to see the Cubs keep Reed Johnson, sign Damon and platoon Soriano, Reed, Damon, and Fuku.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and best wishes for a prosperous New Years to all Cub fans. Go Cubs!

Please, I beg you, do not trade the most passionate player in baseball. Big Z has Cy Young potential and in my opinion has not even reached his prime. People praise Lou and his tirades, what are we all hypocrites? Honestly I have seen Zambrano mature, and I believe he will continue and I also believe he has become a Chicago Cub Icon. Trading him would be on the same caliber as Greg Maddux, maybe even Mark Grace and they both have rings. Jim Hendry, The Ricketts or whom ever it may concern please do not trade Carlos.

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