12/31 Cubs sign Byrd

The Cubs appear to have found their center fielder in Marlon Byrd.

According to a high placed team official, the Cubs have signed Byrd to a three-year contract. A formal announcement was expected later Thursday.

The Cubs wanted to move Kosuke Fukudome to right, which left a hole in center.

Byrd, 32, batted .283 last season with the Texas Rangers and will be reunited with hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. The center fielder drove in a personal high 89 runs last season and in three years in Texas has batted .295. He had wanted a long-term deal.

— Carrie Muskat


Very disappointing. Obviously, the Cubs ownership is not interested in winning a world series, just a warm body to fill a roster spot. Ownership just wants to fill the seats and count the millions. Maybe ownership should explain what their goals are so that we the fans do not have any unjustified expectations. Byrd is not going to help the Cubs turn the tied against the Cardinlas and Brewers in our Division.

Oh for crying out loud, here we go AGAIN. Another 3 year deal for a run of the mill player who at best can play a good centerfield with some offensive production…but 32 friggin’ years old and Hendry gives him a THREE YEAR DEAL??? What a clear message Hendry is sending any young player already in the Cubs system or about to sign with the Cubs and that is that they are just filling uniforms and have little chance of playing FOR THE CUBS. Hendry dissapoints yet again. I could see a stop gap signing of one year or even two to match Fukodome’s remaining two years, this way Hendry could waive bye to both at the same time but these type of deals for players that have a solid year with another team just enough to impress Hendry to sign them to a 3 or more year deal rings of desperation. Hendry is so desperate to make up for his past mistakes he keeps trying other veterans until what? A world Series? Not a good way to run a ball club. What about Fuld?, Colvin?, Snyder? What about saving some money especially when the free agents avaialble are not “must have” free agents? 2010 would have been a great time to break in Fuld or anohter rookie in centerfield and keep some cash handy for the trade deadline in July. Hendry instead dishes out more of the same. Byrd by far may very well be the best all around outfielder on the Cubs in 2010 but that’s only because Soriano and Fukodome dissapoint.

This deal is worse than last years signing of Bradley. A 32 year old who had a career year last year, a total of 60 career homerun and who strikes out close to 100 times a years. Yay!! I mean what’s wrong with going with some of the young talent in the organization. I dont think the cubs needed to reach like this. I guess they are hoping he can have another couple career years. I mean if not then he’s taking up the time another young player could be developing in. I’d like to see Fuld or Colvin get a shot. I’m just sayin…

asainubia@yahoo.com, you’re not JUST SAYIN…you’re preaching to the quire. You are correct, the Cubs (HENDRY!!!) are reaching again. It may not be as bad a deal as the Bradley deal but it sure is just as typical of a deal from Hendry. I betcha Byrd’s defensive stats are not even very impressive. Jimmy did it again. What an outfield to look forward to for the next few years. Hopefully the players Hendry signed will outlast Hendry himself because until Hendry leaves this organization is too dependant on luck and catching lightning in a bottle instead of well laid out plans and goals.

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