1/6/10 Dawson to attend Cubs Convention

New Hall of Famer Andre Dawson will attend the 25th Cubs Convention next week at the Hilton Chicago. Dawson, elected to Cooperstown today, is the 46th former member of the Cubs organization to earn baseball’s highest honor.

“The Chicago Cubs congratulate Andre Dawson on his long-deserved election to Baseball’s Hall of Fame,” said Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts.  “‘The Hawk registered six outstanding seasons on the North Side, none finer than his 1987 MVP season when he paced the league with 49 home runs and 137 RBI. 

“An eight-time All-Star and Gold Glove Award winner, Andre created countless memories for our fans and, along with fellow Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, helped bring playoff baseball to Chicago in 1989.  We look forward to celebrating Andre’s election with him and our fans when he attends next week’s Cubs Convention.”

— Carrie Muskat


**********Joeydafish/ Joeydafish / Joeydafish *********
hope that got your attention. According to Bruce Levine of espn chicago Brad Snyder “made a big impression on the cubs” The cubs feel Snyder’s Major league career “is not far away”. Good News!!!!!!! but the cubs still havn’t resigned him. Bad news cardinals resigned matt holliday. Good news they signed him to a sorianoesque contract. 7yrs. 120 million. ha in a couple of years they will regret it. Oh yeah congrats to Andre Dawson that takes me back to my childhood.

Yeah, it got my attention…who’s Brad Snyder???
HA!! Just kidding. That is good to hear especially if by “the Cubs” Bruce Levine means people OTHER THAN HENDRY, because impressing Hendry may not be what Snyder needs, after all Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley, Heillman, Gregg, MILES (!!!!!!!!!) and now Byrd have all “impressed” Hendry. We need some of these kids to impress somebody higher up on the food chain that can over-rule Hendry. I can only hope that such a person exists. The jury is still out on Tom Ricketts being that person as he has given Hendry the benefit of the doubt for at least one if not two more years. I too was only somewhat relieved to see the Cardinals may find themselves in trouble with adding payroll and retaining Pujols with the signing of Holliday, however signing Holliday was not as bad as Hendry’s Soriano signing because Holliday is a better, more disciplined HITTER, at least a slightly better defender and YOUNGER at the onset of his contract than Soriano was. Holliday will have a better chance of being productive throughout his Cardinal carreer than Soriano will as a Cub.
Won’t Soriano be closer to 40 at the end of 8 years than Holliday will be at the end of his contract? Can you imagine an alomost 40 year old bad defensive left fielder that can’t play anywhere else on the field with diminishing hitting skills as well that will limit his value even as a DH? Hendry couldn’t.

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