1/11/10 Lessons learned

Ask any pitcher who was Greg Maddux’s teammate, and he will tell you how much he learned from being around the 300-game winner. Maddux likes to give credit to the many pitching coaches he’s had, including the Cubs’ Larry Rothschild.

“Larry actually taught me how to scout hitters in a way that I had never looked at in the past,” Maddux said Monday when he was named an assistant to the Cubs’ GM. “Mechanically, he was very simple and didn’t really change a whole lot [in Maddux’s delivery].”

Most of their discussion focused on hitters and how to set them up and finish them off. Could Maddux help hitters and their approach to pitchers?

“I think you can help hitters with how a pitcher is trying to get them out,” Maddux said. “As far as messing with their swings and stuff like that, I think there’s a few more people who should be talking to them than me. Every now and then a hitter will have questions about pitch selection and patterns and stuff like that. Maybe I could have an idea what that pitcher might throw in a certain spot.”

— Carrie Muskat


Welcome back Greg!! I think this is the best thing the Cubs have done in a long time! Maddux will do much to help the organization as he is a great baseball mind! I’m surprised and disappointed not so see more comments on here celebrating this occasion! It’d be nice to read from some common commenters something that wasn’t whining for once!!! It’s a good day for the organization! I hope he retires a Cub this time.

Exellent move by the Cubs to bring into the fold somebody of Maddux’s caliber and intellect. Combining that with the progress of Sandberg rising in the ranks to what will be no doubt the major league manager position in 2011 the organization is beginning to show some kind of foundation for planning the future. So, hats off to Hendry if he had anything to do with these moves….? I’m more enthused about 2011 than I am about 2010. There isn’t much to be done with some players because of their outlandish contracts (oops, whining alert!!) but at least the managing, coaching and executive personel changes seem to be taking shape.

Thanks fish, much appreciated!

Good news!!!!!!! Maddux is probably my favorite cubs pitcher all time!!!!!!! I think he will be a good addition to the staff.

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