1/12/10 Sheets too pricey for Cubs

Reports that the Cubs are looking at Ben Sheets are accurate. However, the right-hander doesn’t fit in the team’s budget if the reported asking price is correct. Sheets is seeking $10-$12 million a year for two years. The Cubs already are close to $125 million committed for 2010, and expected to top at $140 million. And they’ve got eight arbitration eligible players to take care of plus they want to find a veteran right-handed reliever.

The Cubs will have a scout watching Sheets when he does workout in Arizona. But that’s due diligence. Yes, GM Jim Hendry did talk to Sheets’ agent, but Hendry talked to agents representing every free agent on the market.

The team feels it has enough starting pitchers to get through the first month while Ted Lilly recovers from arthroscopic surgery, which he had in early November.

— Carrie Muskat


I guess Maddux is already having a positive influence on Hendry because normally Hendry would LOVE to give a re-habbing “superstar” a multi year contract for too much money. In the “old days” Sheets demands would have been right up Hendry’s alley if or possibly Hendry would have somehow managed to “negotiate” a THREE YEAR deal for even MORE MONEY. Good thing common sense is finally prevailing although it’s a little too late for the outfield. Hendry, keep the seat warm for Maddog Maddux cause he is coming!!

Sheets won’t get more than a one year deal from anyone, and he won’t get anywhere near 10-12 million. He is obviously delusional if he thinks he is going to get a contract that good. His asking price will drop dramatically before anyone signs him.

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