1/13/10 Cubs non-roster invitees

The Cubs have invited 19 non-roster players to Spring Training camp, including 12 homegrown players who were either drafted or originally signed by the team. The last four No. 1 Draft picks also will be in camp in Mesa: Tyler Colvin, Josh Vitters, Andrew Cashner and Brett Jackson. Colvin is currently on the 40-man roster.

Pitchers: Cashner, J.R. Mathes, James Russell, Casey Coleman, Thomas Diamond, Jeff Kennard, and Vince Perkins.

Catchers: Robinson Chirinos, Steve Clevenger, Blake Lalli, and Chris Robinson

Infielders: Vitters, Darwin Barney, Matt Camp, Starlin Castro, Bryan LaHair, and Bobby Scales.

Outfielders: Jackson and Brad Snyder.

— Carrie Muskat


Can’t wait to see these guys in spring training! Good Luck Brad Snyder, Me and lots of other cub fans will be rooting for you!!! It’s nice to see Bobby Scales on that list!!!! I’ll be rooting for you too maybe you can take Fontenot’s spot!!

Carrie, is Andres Blanco on the 40 man roster for 2010?
Is there any talk of him competing for the starting SS or 2B position with Theriot moving to 2B if he does take over at SS? I think the club would be better off with either Blanco or Castro starting at SS with Theriot at 2B, Fontenot and Baker on the bench to spell the starting infeilders and outfieleders (Baker).

Yes, Blanco is on the 40-man, and yes, he will get a good look this spring as an option at 2B and SS. He’s the only backup SS on the roster. They want Castro to get more experience so unless he outshines everyone, he’ll open season in Minors

Carrie, That’s good to hear. I like Fontenot as a 2b but if he hits like he did last year, I’d much prefer to see Blanco playing SS and Theriot at 2b.

Thanks Carrie,
It is good to hear Blanco has a shot of at least a back up role. Even though he has shown more defensive skill than both Theriot and Baker and also some offensive prowess hitting to right field. But as we all know if your not a “Hendry player” your chances of being a STARTER are greatly reduced, so I would have to say Baker has the edge at 2B just because Hendry purposley targeted and acquired him from Colorado. I also think that both Fuld (in the majors) and Brad Snyder (in the minors and Mexican/Fall league) have already done their share of “outshining everyone” yet Hendry still went out and iresponsably payed out big money (and years) to Byrd when he had reasonable, less expensive, and at least adequate options in both Fuld and Snyder. Let’s face it, Hendry wouldnt see the SHINE on a brand new car with chrome bumpers if it ran him over…not that I’m suggesting anything.
And anybody out there thinking I’m knocking Byrd is wrong.
I like Byrd, but the timing is all wrong. If Byrd was acquired a few years ago instead of Fukodome or Soriano this team would be better off today.

I love Cubbie Blue organazation, but I was hoping Hendry would have picked up a few left handed pitchers and a couple left handed batters, The Market was funny this yearI was surprised the Cubs did not do much shopping or for that matter grab a couple of good players, Maybe Hendry thinks the Cubbies have all their pieces in place, who knows ! I feel the Cubs won’t do well this year by the looks of the other teamd in their division or in the majors. I hated to see the big money teams win again. Old saying: “MONEY TALKS BS WALKS”! iT is sad to see the big money teams shut out the little market teams- Don’t seem fair , but thats Baseball I guess. Wished Hendry and Cubs could have grabbed a few good lefties and a couple of decent plays like Damien or someone with that caliber of play, but alas, guess we couldn’t afford anything. ITS SAD ! Don;t expect the Cubs to do well this year, to many teams spent a lot of cash and acquired some huge talent. I hate to say it , but look for the cubbies to finish third or fourth in their division. IT MUST BE NICE FOR ST. LOUIS TO SPEND OUT A LOT OF CASH , JUST LIKE THE PHILLIES, RED SOX, AND YANKS, AS USUAL ! I love my Cubs , but think they will be in a world of hurt this year !

jestplainoleme…STL usually spends much less then Hendry’s Cubs and are as much in the race year after year as the Cubs are. It just tells me with a proper philosophy, consistency and a GOOD GM teams that spend much less than the Cubs can win their divisions or wild card races. Look at the player AND the managerial turnover of Hendry’s Cubs vs. the Cards. Hendry keeps trying new big name players and big name managers while STL at least sticks with a good manager for a long run in LaRussa not like what Hendry does. Baylor, Baker, Pinella whatever “name” is available might as well try him….Good luck to Sandberg, hopefully he can well outlast Hendry’s stay!!!

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