1/13/10 Lou on Big Mac

Lou Piniella says it was tough to watch Mark McGwire’s televised confession this week that he took steroids.

“I felt bad for him,” Piniella said Wednesday. “It was difficult doing what he did. It was probably something that needed to be done. America forgives and forgets. I don’t think there’s anybody out there who hasn’t done anything that they don’t feel sorry for. Look, I’m not one to judge … He probably feels better getting this off his chest. I just wish him well. He’s a classy guy.”

Should McGwire be in the Hall of Fame?

“He’s hit a lot of home runs,” Piniella said. “Put it this way, if steroids were not an issue, he definitely would be a first-[ballot] selection in the Hall of Fame. How the [baseball] writers treat it, I think my opinion means very little. Is he a Hall of Famer? I would think down the road, he will be a Hall of Famer. People tend to forget, and rightfully so.”

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

No he is definitely not a Hall of famer he is a cheater!! He got all his money though, But lost all respect, I have no respect for him, Manny Ramirez, A-Rod, Bonds,Sosa and everyone else who juiced!!! Hall of Fame, Ha! Pete rose can’t get in the hall of fame for gambling, guys who used steroids should not even be eligible to be in the hall of Fame.

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