1/15/10 Good guys

Carlos Zambrano spent part of his offseason in Guatemala with a church group to help people there. He has created the Big Z Foundation, and hopes to raise money for people in Guatemala and Haiti as well as those in the Chicago area in need.

* Folks attending the Cubs Convention at the Chicago Hilton can make a donation for earthquake-stricken Haiti. Both Cubs Care and the Ricketts family will match each donation with $1, so every $1 donation will become $3.

* Speaking of Haiti, Cubs strength and conditioning coach Tim Buss was in the Dominican Republic to see Alfonso Soriano when the earthquake struck and said he felt tremors.

* Cubs pitcher Randy Wells was named the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s “Rookie of the Year” for his fundraising efforts this offseason in which he raised nearly $100,000. Teammate Sam Fuld, who is diabetic, was a guest speaker at an event in St. Louis. Wells said he hopes to do another fundraiser for JDRF this year.

— Carrie Muskat


This only portrays that players are not only good in pitching and battling but they also have good heart towards people in need. But one known players confessed on using steroids at his time and he’s non other than Mark McGwire. I can’t help but pity this man in some point. But anyway, Zambrano, Wells, and other Cubs team in supporting foundations as well as the recent Haiti tragedy have moved me. May we continue extend our helping hand to this people who are in need. Good bless us all!

I agree, uncles, it is good to see players making good use of their fame and fortune and helping to take care of those in need. We all could learn from them in that regard as there is much more we all could do, especially if we join together! Well done, Z, Wells and many others!

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