1/15/10 Who was that guy?

Tyler Colvin has never been in Utah. Imagine his surprise at hearing that someone posing as the Cubs outfielder tried to buy a truck there and left the dealership without paying.

According to a story in the Salt Lake Tribune, a 24-year-old Nevada man allegedly presented documents identifying himself as Colvin and signed the outfielder’s name to contractural papers at a car dealership in West Valley City on Tuesday. Matthew T. Van Meter was given the keys to a new Dodge pickup truck valued at $50,000, and, after agreeing to pay the next day, drove away from the lot.

Colvin has no connection to Van Meter and it’s uncertain as to what the connection is. Van Meter, who reportedly has an outstanding theft warrant in Tacoma, Wash., was being held in Salt Lake County jail.

Colvin, who was in Chicago to attend the 25th annual Cubs Convention, said Friday he had heard that the man did not have to present any ID to get the keys to the truck. His first thought when he heard the story was that he was a victim of identity theft. As for the Dodge, Colvin said for sure it wasn’t him.

“I like my truck,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat

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