1/21/10 Mesa delivers proposal

The Cubs board of directors received a proposal Thursday outlining the city of Mesa’s plans to keep the team there for Spring Training for the next 25 years.

Cubs officials had yet to review the memorandum of understanding (MOU), which details that the team and city will sign a 25-year agreement, build a 15,000-seat stadium as well as a state of the art year-round facility.

“The Cubs are interested in reading through Mesa’s proposal and having our board take it under review,” a team spokesman said Thursday.

The Mesa city council will vote on the MOU on Monday, and if approved, the team could announce as early as Wednesday that it has agreed to the terms. A group in Naples, Fla., also had been competing for the Cubs in hopes of luring the team to Florida, but such a move would be unlikely if the proposal is approved by both the city and team.

How important are the Cubs? A recent study showed they contribute $52 million to the state’s economy.

The proposal released Thursday by Mesa city manager Chris Brady, establishes a period for exclusive negotiations between the city of Mesa and the Cubs.

According to the MOU, the Cubs would acquire the land to handle the stadium, parking and public access roads. The site has not been officially identified, but was believed to be located in northeast Mesa off the Loop 202. The team would maintain and operate the stadium and ancillary facilities year-round and handle construction costs over the agreed amount of $84 million.

The city of Mesa will provide adequate land for the construction of the ancillary facilities and a Major League-dimensioned, shared-use four-diamond baseball complex. The city also would meet milestones related to passage of state legislation required to fund a portion of the construction of the facility and approval by Mesa voters.

In exchange for the exclusivity, the city would amend the current lease with the team and eliminate the penalty for early termination. The Cubs, who have trained at the current site in Mesa since 1979, had the ability to buyout of the contract after 2012.

— Carrie Muskat

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here is my comment to the management & to cubs fans. do not & i repeat do not leave arizona. i moved to sw florida 4 yrs ago from arizona to start a bussiness .i lived in az for 25 yrs so i know both places.& politically florida is the worst place to move the franchise.there is so much corruption down here its unbelieveble.these polititions are all corrupt & self motivated. i have never seen so much crap in my life. examples fire chief gets caught smoking weed on 4th of july do you think he lost his job? NOT. city manager caught looking at porn on his work computer they make him step down & then allow him to run for another city management job. oh by the way his son inlaw in jail for fraud in shady land deal & his father inlaw couldnt be indited because of lack of evidence gee i wonder why? they used there power & got caught 1 more example family buys home right across the street from good school & was the reason they chose to purchase the home .so what does the school board do , they tell them that their kid cant attend that school & would have to be bussed over 10 miles away.it doesnt make sense.your wondering does sw florida need the cubs to come here? Asolutely no question about it they are desperate they to make somthing good around here for all the crap they created around here.i can go on & on with the corruption down here.a city here trying to make middle class families to pay 15000 out of pocket for a sewer system cmon. what family could afford that?none.so all in said cubs do not move to sw florida desperation is not good i urge to stay in mesa. to the fans make sure management has read this blog & research what ive written.its not bs.they dont call phoenix the best run city for nothing.

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