2/1/10 Numbers game

The Cubs head into February with two key players unsigned. Ryan Theriot and Carlos Marmol have yet to reach an agreement with the team. Last month, the players, who are arbitration eligible, and the Cubs exchanged figures. Theriot and the Cubs have the biggest gap. The shortstop, who made $500,000 last season, his third as the starting shortstop, is seeking $3.4 million while the Cubs offered $2.6 million. Marmol, who made $575,000 last year and heads into this season as the closer, is asking for $2.5 million. The Cubs offered $1.75 million.

Arbitration hearings are held from now until Feb. 21. No word on whether a date has been set for the Cubs players. The two sides could come to an agreement at any point before the actual hearing. Arbitrators listen to arguments from both sides about the player’s value and then pick either the player’s figure or the team’s figure. This is the first year Theriot and Marmol are arbitration eligible.

The Cubs have not gone to arbitration since 1993. The team has a 3-2 record in such cases. The last hearing was in 1993 when Mark Grace filed for $4.1 million and the Cubs offered $3.1 million. The Cubs won that case.

— Carrie Muskat


I think they both deserve to get what they are asking for. Most closers ask for A LOT more! Marmol is great, yeah sometimes he loses control, but I think since he is our closer now, he will do great! Theriot has only made 500,000 per year for the past 3 years. Not fair when you think how much the other players get when some don’t give their all. Theriot gives all he has and then reaches for a little more!Theriot did a career best last year and I think it is just the beginning for him. It’s not too much for them to ask, give them what they want and I bet the CUBBIES go all the way! (JUST MY OPINION so don’t slam)

It wouldn’t be the first or probably the last time Hendry pays a player for his PAST performance (ie. Soriano etc…) but in this case, being a mild Theriot fan and knowing he will at least have a positive contribution to the 2010 season I wouldn’t MIND Theriot getting what he is asking for although I don’t see Theriot having as much leverage as does Marmol. We seem to have almost a glutton of middle infielders that can play as adequatley as Theriot and even some that can defend SS even better (Castro and Blanco) but there doesn’t seem to be ANY closer talent coming up the ranks so Marmol is sitting pretty. They should both get what they are asking for, Hendry should just pull the trigger and move on to his next “big acquisiton” who ever that may be…Millar? Ricky Henderson? Maybe he’ll go find Corey Patterson and get him for a “low risk” deal now that he lost Reed Johnson to the Dodgers…funny, I read that Hendry was “concerned” about Johnson’s health, for what? A one year low cost contract? Big deal, Hendry should have been “concerned” about Soriano’s health (AGING!) when he signed HIM to a HIGH COST EIGHT YEAR CONTRACT. Where’s Billy Beane when you need him???

…Theriot is one of the most consistant players the team has had for the last couple of years…I think his biggest mistake is he’s a fan fav…Hendry always looks for a way to get rid of them…I chuckle as well about losing Johnson(another fan fav) due to his “health”yet not only do we keep Sori…but have added Nady who didn’t play at all last year…due to “his health”…lord Hendry strikes again…until he’s “traded”the Cubs don’t stand a chance…

Good point about Xavier Nady from heretofore referred to as “Professor X”. Hendry thought so little of the in house outfield options he had to sign a re-habbing outfielder known more for his offense than defense and a lot of that offense came against the Cubs. And he now signs Millar? For what? A back up at first base? He certainly isn’t a very good outfielder…didn’t we already have a younger, cheaper version of Millar with more upside in Jake Fox? Lord Hendry certainly does strike again as keeps adding players more suited to the DH role than anything else. I guess Hendry repeatedly bringing in players from outside the organization to playe the outfield is a self indictment on the job he has done by obtaining Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley etc. Nady may be a good offensive pick up…MAYBE, but really, if he is to platoon with Fukodome then what good would his decent offense bring? Would have made more sense if Hendry first unloaded Fukodome. I know Millar signed “just” a minor league contract so there is no “big” risk, it’s still money that could have been used elsewhere.

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