2/16 Soto on steroids? "It's ridiculous," he says

When Geovany Soto showed up at the Cubs Convention in January 40 pounds lighter, some didn’t believe he lost the weight because of a new diet or workout plan. Maybe, some whispered out loud on Chicago talk radio, Soto was on steroids.

“I laugh at that,” Soto said Tuesday at Fitch Park after a hitting session. “My whole life, I’ve had weight problems and I’ve always been immature in terms of diet and never stuck to them. This past year, I had such a bad year and I was really disappointed in myself and I was willing to take that step and work hard and take it to the next level. I just laugh at [rumors about steroid use]. For me, it’s ridiculous.”

It wasn’t as if Soto had gone from an inflated, pumped up muscular player to a skinny one.

“I wasn’t strong,” he said. “I was just fat.”

Soto’s father tried to get his son to work out more when he was young. As Soto says, “I used to open the refrigerator a lot.” The catcher would try to eat small portions throughout the day but it didn’t work. This winter, he hired a personal trainer and stuck to his plan, and now looks fit. This spring, instead of having to do extra cardio workouts to get in shape, Soto is in shape.

“I’m anxious to go out there,” said Soto, who failed to follow up his sensational rookie year with a solid sophomore season. “I’m anxious to play. I felt like [last year] was like a knockout in the second round if I was a boxer. I’m ready to go out there. I’m well trained, my head’s clear, I’m just ready to go out there. I owe it to the fans, my teammates and myself.”

— Carrie Muskat


Hopefully he did a legit program to retain muscle mass while leaning out. Any idea what trainer he used?

You have to enjoy if not respect Soto’s candor. I was thinking he was “just fat” as well and if he was taking steriods to muscle up??? He got robbed. let’s face it, he’s our best option behind the plate as of yet so he needs the benefit of the doubt and a chance to come back strong. Although 40lbs? That’s a lot of weight to drop for a catcher, let’s hope is was all fat and he retained enough muscle to do the job. We sure as heck don’t need another Steve Swisher behind the plate.

Soto is definitely bigger than Swisher so I’m not worried about that! I wonder if they are exaggerating with the 40lbs a bit? I wonder if he gained some weight at the end or right after the season and then they had him hold something on a scale to at ten pounds or something?? I knew he was overweight, but I don’t think he was carrying around that much weight. None the less I’m very glad to hear about the extra work he’s put in instead of hearing about him smoking pot! If he could bat .290 and play in a majority of the games this season that would be awesome!

Joey, I have a question for you or anyone who is interested. What division is the strongest in the NL and why??

Good question pman, my first thought was to eliminate the Central because of all the equally spread mediocraty as I think the Central has at least the weakest starting pitching despite the Cardinal’s Wainwright. My second thought was to annoint the West as the strongest because of the Dodgers well balanced offense and pitching and the suddenly hot Giants with their improved offense and over-looked pitching staff headed by Lincecum and Cain. I think that the Phillies are the only strong team in the East with the Braves moving up and the ever present, challenging Marlins always in the equation. But with all that said I’ll stick with the West as being the over-all strongest but not necessarily the most evenly matched among it’s teams.

Joey, I don’t think you should eliminate the Central as i don’t think their pitching staffs are mediocre at all. By the same token, i don’t think any of the staffs are elite like the Phillies, Dodgers, Diamondbacks and even the Giants. So I agree that the West looks to be the strongest as they seem to have three very strong teams in the Dodgers, Giants and Diamondbacks, however the Central has three and possibly even four very strong teams that could contend for the division and even the best record in the NL. So the Central isn’t far behind, but the West is looking a significantly better at the moment.

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