2/18 Happy days for Marmol

Carlos Marmol was named the Cubs closer last year, then went 11-for-11 in save situations. The past two springs, Marmol has had to compete for the job. Now it’s his.

“I’m excited,” Marmol said Thursday. “I’m excited I don’t have to fight to be the closer this year.”

He says he didn’t do anything differently this offseason and trained the same way he has the last four winters. This was an exciting offseason for Marmol, who signed a one-year, $2.125 million contract earlier this month and avoided arbitration. He made $575,000 last year.

Does he feel like a millionaire?

“Not yet,” Marmol said, laughing. “It feels good for my family, for myself. I’m happy with what I’m doing right now. I think I’ll be good the rest of the season.”

— Carrie Muskat


Hendry should never have even gotten Gregg in the first place -what a waste of time. Marmol should have been the closer from the start last year. Think of what the Cubs would have been with Wood and Marmol instead of the slop we had. I’m not saying Woody had a great season last year, but Hendry has a way of messing with the players’ minds and screwing up their confidence.

When will the Ricketts family realize Hendry’s been the problem for the last few years and just cut him loose.

cubbeeblue, don’t go and beat yourself to death, take it from me, I would be the first in line (or at least right next to you) waving the “FIRE HENDRY NOW” banner. We have no choice but to chalk up 09 as “Hendry’s Pink Slip That Never Happened”. Hendry set this team’s progression back a year but let’s just get through 2010 with the premise that it will be Hendry’s and Pinella’s last year and in 2011 we’ll usher in the “Sandberg” era!! Maybe Maddux will be his pitching coach, and Bozo The Clown will be the GM (anybody but Hendry!)…Maybe what Obama meant by Hope and Change was the chance the Ricketts will eventually fire Hendry?

He’s baaaaaack! Cubbeeblue, I’m going to hold you personally responsible from bringing on another round of Hendry bashing! Now that the two of you’ve gotten it out of your system can we move on?

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