2/19 Santo ready for new season

WGN Radio’s first spring broadcast will be March 4, and Ron Santo can’t wait. The former Cubs third baseman and current radio analyst stopped by the Cubs’ Fitch Park facility on Friday to show off his new prosthetics. He has had both legs amputated below the knee because of complications from diabetes and says his new devices have a motor. He’s been doing 70 situps every other day and riding an exercise bike. He’s very excited about the 2010 Cubs.

“I’m just hoping we stay healthy,” Santo said. “If we stay healthy, we should be real good, I think.”

He skipped the Cubs Convention because he was worried about getting sick and catching what he called “slime flu.” Santo expects to make most of the road trips but could take time off if needed because of his health.

“I’ll do as many as I can,” Santo said. “It’s hard for me not to go because I go crazy at home. I’ve got to also realize I want to be there the whole season. I’ll take three, four days off once in a while, maybe.”

He signed a new three-year deal recently. That’s pretty long term.

“I’m looking [to broadcast] until I die, how’s that?” Santo said. “That’s long term.”

He is happy to have some new faces in the clubhouse and to see Milton Bradley gone.

“I’m a very strong believer in good chemistry and there’s nobody better than Lou Piniella when it comes to good chemistry,” Santo said. “But this was a tough situation [last year] when you bring a man in who hopefully was going to change. I couldn’t understand it, the way [Bradley] is. He’s just not a happy man. He loved the game of baseball but when you start talking about the fans and Wrigley Field and that you can’t wait to get off [the field], that’s not good. It wasn’t like he’d get on anybody in the clubhouse. He was always kind of mad. He wasn’t a happy man.”

Santo didn’t talk much to Bradley.

“He’d walk right by you and not even look at you,” Santo said. “Several times, he’d walk by Lou — Lou would say something and he didn’t say anything. But that’s over with.”

It’s time to move on.

— Carrie Muskat

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