2/20 Leadoff man

In January, Lou Piniella said he didn’t expect any controversy this spring. However, there could be a little battle as to who will be the Cubs’ leadoff man.

Ryan Theriot would like to bat first.

“There’s a niche in this game for guys who [lead off] and do it well,” Theriot said. “Every good team has one of those guys. If that’s the role I’m in, great. I would love to do that. That’s something I think I could excel in for sure.”

Kosuke Fukudome, who arrived Saturday at Fitch Park, was asked where he’d like to hit, first or second.

“If I can pick, then I would like to be the first to bat,” he said, through his interpreter.

— Carrie Muskat


Uhhh no Kosuke, you can’t bat 1st. You strike out too much w/ that spinning thing you do. The Riot is much better suited at leadoff. You just focus on movin’ him over for the big boys!!

None of the Cubs options will make the opposition anxious late in a tied or one run game. If it’s Theriot and we’re down by a run in our last at bat and he gets on base Uncle Lou will still have little choice but to look for a long ball or sacrifice Theriot to second as he is not the jack rabbit other teams will fear being able to score in a handful of ways.
No knock to Theriot, it is what it is. So we need our gap hitters to come through, relying on Ramirez, Lee and probably Bryd as Soriano will be swinging for the fences instead of for a game tying or winning single and Fukodome will be corkscrewing himself into the ground after a long battling “impressive” at bat that goes nowhere.

Theriot is a perfect #2. Fukudome is fine in the lead off spot..

We can only hope and dream but some day the Cubs may have a GM with a philosophy that aspires for better than FINE.

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