2/25 Soriano says knee "surprises" him

Alfonso Soriano’s left knee has passed all the tests so far.

“I’m surprised,” Soriano said Thursday. “I feel much better than [Monday]. That’s a good thing. It’s only the second day and I see the difference.”

He’s not running full tilt yet, but hasn’t felt any pain or discomfort. He is going 100 percent during the outfield drills, has done lateral movements, and says there have been no problems. He also hasn’t had any problems hitting. His winter workouts have paid off.

“I can move around — that’s the only thing I’m doing 100 percent is the fielding and I don’t feel any pain at all,” he said. “No problem.”

The biggest hurdle for Soriano to overcome is mental, not physical.

“I need to trust it more,” Soriano said. “That’s the biggest thing. I think my knee is good but now I have to trust that it’s 100 percent.”

He does some warm up exercises before the Cubs practice. He hasn’t needed any post-workout ice packs.

“I want to forget what happened to my knee last year,” he said. “[Trust] is the hard part. So far, the first two days I feel good.”

The Cubs’ goal this year is to stay healthy. They need Soriano to return to form and hit 30 plus homers and drive in 70 something runs.

“It’s not only me,” Soriano said. “Everybody has to stay healthy. It’s a team; it’s not a basketball team where one guy makes a lot of difference. In baseball, everybody has to do their job to make the team better.”

On Thursday, pitchers Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Silva and Carlos Marmol will be among those throwing live batting practice to hitters like Soriano. That’s always fun.

“It’s very tough in practice like that,” Soriano said. “We have the same uniform, but not the same motivation. We joke around. At this time we can joke — when the season starts, we can’t joke.”

— Carrie Muskat


go Alfoso go..we need you!

I honestly believe that Soriano will have a very good season for the Cubs this year. A full recovery and re-united with his old hitting coach will do wonders. That and it is a team game, with Bradley gone, it is all about the team concept.

70 something runs??? This from our highest paid “offensive force”?? What an indictment on both Soriano and Hendry.
I’m looking for soriano to drive in as many runs or more than either Lee or Ramirez our genuine RBI guys, and if he doesn’t he’s every bit the wasted payroll that a lot of us fans think. Remember, when a player is a defensive liablilty he must make up for that with offense. He’s a DH and everybody knows it. I wonder how many fans would rather see a “lighter weight” offense with Byrd in left, Fuld in center and Fukodome in right? That would be a very good defensive outfield with some better contact hitting, less power of course but all in all possbilby a better all around way to go. But Soriano isn’t going anywhere so get used to runners taking extra bases on him, regardless of his “ROCKET FOR AN ARM” he’s got to get to the ball in order to gun somebody down at second or third. Not saying he won’t do that once in a while but certainly not regularly.

Joeydafish, You are wrong about Soriano. It’s time Cubs fans throw him a rope insread of a rock. I am a Cubs fan myself, but I really cannot tolerate people who call themselves Cubs fans continuously trash talking our players. Especially when the truth is stretched so far, it becomes a lie.

“70 something runs”. yeah. add 30 to that and you’re talking. 70 something runs is what bottom-of-the-lineup, journeymen shoot for. soriano is paid to knock in runs. 70 RBI for soriano would be a complete failure.

Think about this. Soriano was hurt in 08 and played in only 109 games. He hit leadoff that year. In ONLY 109 games, from the lead off spot, he knocked in 75 runs, from lead off. In 109 games he scored 76 runs. You add up 75 & 76, that comes to 151. Take away 20 from that total, because you get a RBI and a run scored for a Home Run. It comes to 131. 131 runs Soriano was involved in, in only 109 games. Then you take into account he played hurt last year, not a 100%, but hurt. I give the man credit for knowing he was needed.

Something else I would like to point out. In 2008 Soriano was the lead-off hitter for 109 games. I am pretty sure that was the year the Cubs led the league in Runs Scored. However there are so many Soriano haters, that fans kept writing in chat rooms and complaining about Soriano hitting lead-off. Soon after every game, press was asking, why is Soriano hitting lead-off? Lou got sick of it last year, dropped Soriano from the lead-off spot. Everyone thought that Soriano could knock in more runs down in the line-up. (maybe he will) However, from the lead-off spot in 08, he knocked in 75 in only 109 games. What would that average out to in 162 games? Then I ask, how many lead-off hitters knock in over a 100 a year? How many did Lee knock in that year? The Cubs led the league in Runs Scored.

Dano here. We get this bit every year at this time. Right!
And you all know it is the same bit year in, year out. Fine.
Now lets see what really comes up here. And where will the Cubs be at the end of OCT? I do not think the Cubs have it this year? No good lead off guy. The starters are one big ? If they can win more then 15 games are so a shot. And a Closer that blows about 50% of his games. And Soriano is one big ? also….
Time will tell. So lighten up and lets have fun at the ball games.
Be well and keep it simple….

danofive, you are the typical negative Cub Fan. Read above before making your typical negative comments. It states Soriano knee is feeling better.

cubbyfanintx, I humbly apologize for testing your tolerance level of us “lying” Cubs fans. However, I don’t see how I am lying, I am giving my opinion that 70 something runs from Soriano is insufficient and a bad return on an investment making it a very bad move by Hendry. Carrie set the bar at 30 homeruns and 70 RBI’s in her article and I just responded. So I don’t care if you can’t tolerate mine or other’s opinions, I tolerate your opinion of me thinking I’m wrong about Soriano. And by the way, how am I wrong? Are you saying he IS a good fielder? At least Jasper is bringing some interesting points up about Soriano’s runs batted in in a limited amount of games. By the way I think over 162 games it would have been about 111 RBI’s which isn’t bad at all but still not quite superstar money type of nuymbers but if he can do it this year, those are the numbers I think would compensate for his bad defense. As Chitowncubbs said, 100 RBI’s is a good mark for a major RBI guy which is what Hendry brought him in for (unwisley). All said and done we have to TOLERATE Soriano’s one-dimensional contribution to the team and that is the home run ball and it gets harder to do so every year with his poor plate discipline and below average defense. For the love of Tinkers to Evers to Chance OF COURSE I hope I’m wrong about Soriano but if he plays anywhere near 160 games, drives in over 112 runs and manages to catch some flyballs on the run I don’t think I’ll be the only one pleasantly SURPRISED.

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