2/26 Lilly back in camp

Ted Lilly was back in Cubs camp Friday to play catch. He’s fallen behind in his rehab after being sidelined five days with the flu. The left-hander is already behind the others after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder last November. He was spending about 18 hours a day in bed, dealing with a 103-degree temperature.

“It makes you really appreciate your health when it’s taken away,” Lilly said.

He just played catch with athletic trainer Mark O’Neal and conditioning coach Tim Buss for a short time on Friday.

“It didn’t hurt, it just felt weak,” Lilly said of his light throwing session. “I felt some strength was taken away for sure. It’s awesome just being able to stand out there with the sun on my face and on my feet.”

— Carrie Muskat

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I hope Lou is right about the offense because I am much more worried about the offense than I am the pitching. The pitching will be solid, but the offense needs huge improvement in consistent run production. If they consistently get 4 plus runs a game, the Cubs will win at least ten more games this year. The occasional blow out doesn’t get me excited when it’s followed by three or four games when they only get 1 or 2 runs. I would love to see consistent offensive production. With that, it’ll make the entire team gel.

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