2/28 Soriano numbers

Lou Piniella has been scribbling some lineup combinations down and said he’ll make his ideas public on Monday. He’s going to give some of the kids a chance to play in the early Cactus League games and will be testing his leadoff options.

One thing to look for is Alfonso Soriano in the No. 6 spot.

“We’d like to see his power numbers go up and his RBI production go up,” Piniella said of Soriano. “That’s what we’re looking for from Alfonso. I think he hit 20 [homers] and drove in 50 some [runs] last year. We’ve got to get that 20 into the 30s and those 50s into the 80s. Those would be a nice goal for him. Batting average is not as important as the RBI and home run production.”

Soriano, who hit 20 homers and drove in 55 runs last year, is healthy this spring and if he can play more games during the season, he should reach Piniella’s projections.

“He should be able to do that because we’ll have some nice offense in front of him,” Piniella said. “I would think the numbers we’re [projecting] are very doable for a player of his caliber.”

— Carrie Muskat


In 2010, if he stays healthy, Soriano may very well be that 130+ million dollar 80 RBI guy every team longs for!!!! At least Lou acknowledges Soriano’s caliber and only 80 RBI in the same sentance. I remember Mark Grace being an 80 RBI guy WITH stellar defense….I wonder what he would earn in today’s market.

soriano is a better power hitter than marlon byrd. this seems obvious, to me. soriano #5, byrd #6. common sense, right?

chitowncubbs, I don’t know, yes Soriano has more power than Byrd but Byrd is an all around better, more disciplined hitter with some power and decent RBI potential. Considering Soriano’s penchant for striking out and not putting the ball in play when needed I think I would prefer Byrd in the 5 hole.

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