3/1 Soriano's love handles

Right-hander Thomas Diamond’s pitch went a little too far inside on Alfonso Soriano during live BP on Monday and plunked the outfielder on the left side.

“Thank God, it was in the fat right here,” Soriano said, pointing to his left side. “That’s the first time in 10 years [I got hit]. He got me.”

Soriano isn’t expected to play in the Cactus League opener Thursday for the Cubs. He’ll wait for his 50 at-bats.

“The last two weeks of Spring Training are more important for me,” Soriano said. “The first two weeks mean nothing.”

So far, his knee has passed all the tests and he said if the regular season opened on Tuesday, he’d be ready. It’s still early.

“I’m more focused on the season,” Soriano said. “Spring Training is almost boring for me. I have my job — before I had to do my job to make the team. Now I’ve made the team and it’s boring. The last two weeks are more important for me.”

Well, there are a few kids here eager to show they can do the job. Soriano laughed.

“I’m working hard,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


Well, at least he’s honest.

maybe thats his problem the last coulple years. Baseball should never be boring when you hit 242 the year before

You would think with his poor outfield skills and his free swinging approach at the plate Soriano would realize that
admitting that spring training is almost boring is not exactly the smartest thing to let us fans hear, not that it will matter in the long run but geez, spring training shouldn’t be boring to any player especially at it’s onset.

it’s official. soriano needs to work harder in the offseason. from his own mouth.

I think he may still not be 100% well and is rationallizing. Not a good sign. Remember, this is the person who never wants to miss an inning the whole year. This is a good kid, who needs supervision to be a good teammate. It is n ot his fault they overpaid him! He never got to see his worth. Cubs ponced in and offered him lots of money and a lead off spot. if you need to be hard on some one. See James Hendry and he will tell you he was told to make the team better so they could sell it. The tribune is the problem. They bought the team for 20 million and were so greedy they messed up the future for an extras few bucks. I am grateful they sold. I am not happy they procrastinated. Caused contracts to Soriano, Zambrano, Fukudome, and bradley to be excessive and maybe Dempster. It cost us Woods and DeRosa and the year. Cards saw it as a chance to win. Got Holiday. Now they wil be favorites this year. Sam Zell. Go to He** The Cubs should belong to Chicago. Zell did try to sell us Wrigley, and the brooklyn Bridge.

Thank God for the Ricketts.

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