3/2 Theriot to start 1st Cactus game

No Starlin Castro in the first Cubs Cactus League lineup. Lou Piniella announced his lineup for Thursday’s opener vs. the Athletics:

SS Ryan Theriot

RF Kosuke Fukudome

1B Derrek Lee

3B Aramis Ramirez

CF Marlon Byrd

LF Tyler Colvin

2B Mike Fontenot

C Geovany Soto

P Randy Wells

Castro will likely sub for Theriot after three or four innings in the game. The Cubs moved to HoHoKam Park after Tuesday’s workout.

“We’re getting the first phase out of the way in Spring Training,” Piniella said. “Now we get into the fun part.”

— Carrie Muskat



Stellar. Hope they have the same lineup for Monday’s game. I’m looking forward to a trip to the valley to see my boys play!

I’d much rather see Starlin Castro play than Theriot. Theriot isn’t anything special in my opinion and doesn’t have any upside left, being that he’s 30 years old. However; I do think that Theriot is a better defender than both Baker and Fontenot and should move to second. This with Castro playing short would not only strengthen the Cubs starting lineup, but also strengthen the bench putting Fontenot and Baker on the bench, as well as give the ability to give players regular days off since Fontenot and Baker can both play multiple positions. In my opinion, it would be stupid for Pinella to not start the year with Castro and Theriot up the middle.

Maybe it would be good to wait and see how the kid handles major league pitching before arguing that he should be the starting SS? One of the worst things that could happen would be for him to come up too early and not be able to hit his weight. Many Cubs fans would then have a field day criticizing Lou (and others perhaps) for not letting Castro get enough experience at the AAA level.

How many games has Castro played above low class-A? 26 or something? I agree with wu-tang that he should get a chance to hone his skills and develop in the Minors until he shows he needs to be in the Bigs. Patience, Cubs fans, what little we have left anyways…

cards who doesn’t know squat, Theriot is a scrapper from the “old school”, and comes to beat you evey day! Cub fan 73 year’s JR TEXAS

It’s always a tough debate whether to start a VERY YOUNG rookie ahead of an established veteran. Andrew Jones and Alan Tarmmel are two examples of “kids” breaking into the big leagues at 19 and having very good careers, they “had it in them” so to speak. Wutang would like to see how Castro handles major league pitching before arguing he should start at SS, there itself is the paradox, he has to make it to the majors in order to see if he can handle the pitching otherwise we are only going to see if he can handle minor league or cactus league pitching. When you have the likes of Theriot, Baker, Fontenot etc as the veterans that may lose playing time for a PROMISING rookie, why not bring him up and find out if he is the next Jones or Trammel? It’s not like we have Tulowitzki at short. I think it would not only improve the Cubs chances of winning ballgames but also prove to be a more exciting season with Castro at SS and Theriot at 2B, this way only Fontenot and Baker lose playing time…big deal. It comes down to having Castro as a regular over Fontenot or Baker?? Is that really a tough decision?

I am happy to see Theriot get the start. I would love to see the Cubs with **** that can really pick it, but from what I have read about Castro his fielding is not much better than Theriot’s. Theriot has done nothing but give us his best for the last few years and he show get the start. Let’s hope they both have a great spring.

ok everyone, i believe that if castro is subbing in for theriot after 3 innings, we still see 6 innings from him, which is good. but theriot has proven himself, unlike castro, he needs at LEAST another year in AAA before coming up next year. And we still have plenty of time to see how well he performs throughout this spring. as for fukudome, he has been a pretty tough investment, but it will pay off if he does well. even if he stays the same, we have nadys bat against a lefty IE george sherrill, scott eyre, jeremy affeldt in late innings. fuku is almost a guarnateed out against lefties at the end of the game and nady has sure fire power.

Ryan Theriot has earned his spot on the team. Castro has alot of fans, & I am one of them. But to often I think people get caught up in believing that a hot prospect is going to hit 100% of his upside potential just because he’s had a great year. Remember Castro is 19 years old, there are thousands of names of players that did what starlin castro has done in the minors and never panned out in the big leauges. Not to say I’m not optimistic about him because I am, I’m a Cubs fan, I expect good things from him. But to give him the SS position before even 1 Cactus league game has been played is lunacy IMHO. Ryan Theriot has given 110% to this club & like he said will be the SS until it is taken from him.

I have big hopes for Castro if they don’t rush him—but let’s at least see what he has in ST (which isn’t determinative, but gives an indication) I believe Paolo said he committed 39 errors last year, so before we remove a steady, if not spectacular SS, let’s at least get a good look-see.

THE IDEA OF CASTRO IS NICE BUT….. its an idea for now. Baker must open the season at second and play there alllll year. The day A-RAM comes up hurt (and he will, i dont like it either) will be the day Baker moves to 3rd, Theriot to 2nd, Castro to SS. With no one else to back-up Rameriz, Baker is going to be the player in need of regular at bats the most. This is when castro gets his feet wet and has an opurtunity to prove himself.

Back up for Ram?? Chad Tracy if he holds up is an excellent choice. He had health problems at AZ. Clutch hitter. I hope he beats out Millar.
I wonder why Lou changed his mind?? They say Star is very quiet. Maybe Hendry perferrs less pressure on the kid???
Maybe Theriot questioned it?
Hope someone asks why!

It is a given he (Starling) will be there some time this year pending sufficient development. Cubs know for pushing kids into Majors to soon. Maybe Star should be called Starling, like yearling, until he matures.?

Ok off to check if this game will be online. I for one am most interested in seeing Colvin and Byrd.

Everyone is ready to write off Fontenot. Just wait and see. He has the abiltity to be very productive and put up some nice numbers at 2b. I wouldnt be surprised if he wins the job over Baker.

We re on our way Lou…………………let’s do this…….guys

lous the man lets go cubs

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