3/3 Soriano expected to start Saturday

Lou Piniella says Alfonso Soriano looks healthy this spring but don’t expect the left fielder to start a Cactus League game until Saturday. Piniella said he’s impressed by changes Soriano has made after working with hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo, such as shortening his stride.

“He was moving really, really well in the outfield today,” Piniella said of Soriano, who is coming off arthroscopic knee surgery. “We’re expecting a good year out of him.”

This is the first year in which Soriano will not be leading off for the Cubs. He was dropped to sixth in the lineup last July 4.

“I think he’s fine with it,” Piniella said. “We’re not going to expect 30 stolen bases from him or anything like that. Hitting in the sixth hole, he can save his legs a little more. What we need from Alfonso is some power and RBI production. The six hole is a really nice spot to hit in a National League lineup. I know he’s comfortable with it because I’ve asked him. Let’s hope he has an injury-free season and gets back to where he was a couple years ago and a little more disciplined and a healthy season and a productive one.”

Being healthy should definitely help Soriano in the outfield. He did not throw out any baserunners in 2009. A big part of the problem was that he couldn’t plant on his left leg because of his sore knee.

“He’s healthy and we expect him to be a better all-around player,” Piniella said.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie- We need to know when the Cubs first became aware of Sorry’s knee problem. Did any trainers report anything? Did Sorry ask them not to tell management? Did the Cubs knowingly play him with a bad knee? If so, why? These are basic Q’s, there are many more. Either Sorry and/or the Cubs let the team down by playing him when he was supposedly injured. Please respond.

Why hasn’t the press asked Lou about the time line for Sorry’s injury? This guy is a liability in the OF when healthy, if he really was injured his Defense is even that much worse as shown. Like Ricky Arnez said, someone’s got some splaining to do.

I give Soriano credit because he tried to play despite the knee problems. A lot of players play despite aches/pains/bumps/bruises. You’d be surprised. Soriano is healthy now; let’s move on.

I think it was Ricky Ricardo (Arnez was his real name?) that kept telly Lucy “you’ve go som splainin’ to do….). But still a good analogy. I like the way Lou speaks between the lines and mentions that Soriano needs to be more disciplined. He, like us fans don’t have many options, we’re going to have to accept Soriano for what he is until he’s gone. If we can get the best from him that would be offense only. Just like Lou said…no more 30 stolen bases, probably no more than 10 if that. I guess we move on for lack of options.

Carrie, any truth to the cubs trying to acquire Gregerson from the Padres? That would be great!

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