3/4 Lou: No unusual expectations for Bradley

Lou Piniella was surprised to hear Milton Bradley’s comments in the New York Times in which the outfielder said the Cubs expected him to hit 30 home runs last season. Bradley told the newspaper: “Two years ago, I played and I was good. I go to Chicago, not good. I’ve been good my whole career. So, obviously, it was something with Chicago, not me.”

Now with Seattle, Bradley said: “Just no communication. I never hit more than 22 homers in my career, and all of a sudden, I get to Chicago and they expect me to hit 30. It doesn’t make sense. History tells you I’m not going to hit that many. Just a lot of things that try to make a me a player I’m not.”

The Cubs manager said they never placed those demands on Bradley.

“We never put any expectations on Milton,” Piniella said Thursday. “I don’t really have anything else to add but we never put any expectations, or 30 home runs or anything like that.”

Told that Bradley felt the problem was Chicago and not him, Piniella said: “I think getting off to a struggling start didn’t help. He tried to make up for it with one swing of the bat and look, it snowballed. Look, that was last year. I wish him well and at the same time, we hope [Carlos] Silva does well for us here and that’s it.

“We were hoping [Bradley] would come in here and hit fifth in our lineup and be productive and that was it,” he said.

Bradley wasn’t. He batted .257 with 12 homers and 40 RBIs in 124 games, and was suspended for the final 15 games of the regular season for detrimental conduct. The outfielder was traded Dec. 18 to the Seattle Mariners for Silva.

— Carrie Muskat



Look,I have been a Cubs fan for 50 yrs…When that idiot Hendry signe Uncle Miltie here is whAT I wrote my kids…all Cub fans…I said… MARK MY WORDS…THIS GUY IS POISON..HE IS AN IMMATURE FRAUD WHO NEVER TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS FAULTS..AND HE HAS MANY FAULTS..Prediction…he will stuggle at the plate..he will argue with the umps…he will fight with his teamates , the fans will hand him his *** and finally he will take on Pinella…and then he will leave to act like a moron with another team….Thanks HENDRY, YOU FRIGGING TURKY…LIKE WE DID NOT KNOW THIS WHEN YOU PUT HIM IN Wrigley…you’re a joke…

Sorry Milton – good try, but all I can say is “Good Riddins!” Hope your brand of “game” (get it?…Milton Bradley!) catches on at Seattle…

While I agree with your initial comments about Milton Bradley (I remember telling my friends that I would have much rather signed Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreau), I don’t put Jim Hendry in the complete idiot catagory. I have been a Cub fan for 25 years and I cannot remember a time when the team had 2 straight winning seasons let alone 3 straight. Look, Jim has made some mistakes (name a GM that hasn’t and I will name one that is not trying) but he is responsible for building this team into a real winning team. He is responsible for getting Rameriz and D Lee (where those bad trades?) and finally I will close by simply asking who was the last Cub GM responsible for 3 division titles, a division series win, and took the team to within 5 outs of the World Series? I know that there have been mistakes and moves that I had to question, but Jim Hendry has record of winning and I can live with that. He is making moves to try to improve the team rather than some of the moves previous GM’s have made.

I am so glad this jerk is gone! I never expected Milton Bradley to get 30+ homers, Sh@# I would have been happy with a sac fly but he couldn’t even do that. I think that we were lucky to get Carlos Silva for Bradley cause to be honest I didn’t think we would even get a bag of horsesh*t for him! Thank God he is gone.

always the same thing with milton. funny part is, seattle’s acting excited to have him. gee, wonder how that will work out…

I agree with you guys. When the Cubs signed Bradley I was so upset. I knew he would be a trouble maker and problem child. He has played for something like 6 teams in 6 years. If he was that good, nobody would have let him go. He told Hendry the reason he had problems in the past was because he played on losing teams. Well now I see why all the teams he played on were losers because he’s a BIG LOSER. Last year he threw the ball in the stands after catching it for the second out. The run scored and the Cubs lost. Even a little leaguer knows how many outs there are in a game! Good riddance to bad rubbish. Seattle WILL regret trading for him just like all the other teams. The Cubs will be a much better team without this “cancer in the clubhouse” around. We could have had Mark DeRosa instead of this jerk. DeRosa was and is a good, solid ball player who gives more effort in his little pinkie than Bradley does in his career. But lets move on because at least don’t have that bum Bradley anymore. Thank God!!

Hey you guys, back off of Milton. I loved the guy. I knew once he came to bat, I could head to the frig. because the inning was over. He never failed me.

Milton Bradley did one thing for me last season. He helped me appreciate Bobby Abreu. … Ah, what might have been.

Did they ever pursue him, Carrie?

The only person that infuriates me more than Bradley is Hendry. I think the consensus from comments is that Hendry’s few good moves (i.e. Ramirez and Lee being excellent acquistions) and the oh…my…God…THREE STRAIGHT WINNING SEASONS (Hooray for Hendry, big deal for us) is not enough to offset his RIDICULOUSLY HORRENDOUS decisions the past few years, it’s as if he wanted to sabotage ANY good that he DID accomplish and he should no way be annointed the architect of great accomplishments. I for one agree with Yunel who called Hendry an idiot and turkey (although that’s a little harsh….TO TURKEYS!!!) and kizer who wouldn’t put Hendry in the COMPLETE idiot catagory (another ringing endorsement for your resume Jim!) meaning what? An almost complete idiot? Just Idiot? But if kizer can live with Hendry’s “winning” record that’s a sad comment as I think most of us Cubs fan strive for more than that. Who cares if you do have to go back more than 100+ years to find a better GM? That’s no excuse for what Hendry failed to do. I personally think Dallas Green far surpasses Hendry as a GM even though he didn’t put up oh…my…God THREE CONSECUTIVE WINNING SEASONS (woo hoo! Hooray for Hendry! Start the downtown parade and expalin it to White Sox fans…) after all what’s more impressive for a GM? Three consecutive winning seasons that had more to do with the manager than the GM? Or scouting and aggressivley acquiring TALENT like a Hall of Fame Sandberg!?

stlcubbie…So Hendry has been the GM for the Cubs for 8 years and you can only name two good trades? The DLee trade, if I remember right, fell into his lap. Florida called him and asked if he wanted him.

Even the trades aside, my problem with him is he brings in these older guys and signs them to back-loaded contracts.

Bradley 7m in ’09, 11m in ’10 and 12m in ’11. (Oh and to free up this money we got ride of Marquis????)

Now Byrd 32, 3m ’10, 5.5m in ’11 and 6.5 in ’12. He has averaged over .300 3 times in 8 years and his 20 hrs last year was double his season high before that so I don’t think we can expect even 20 hrs out of him this year.

I look at a team like the Rockies or Florida who do it on nothing and wonder what is wrong in Chicago.

I have a feeling that if the Cubs and specifically Byrd don’t work do well this year, Hendry will be on his way out!!

It’s inevitable, milton pisses off everyone he plays for, and it’s always their fault when things fail. It’s only a matter of time before Seattle looks to unload him…

brian@pakinham…the only upside to the Cubs having a bad year is that it would be Hendry’s last (hopefully). I completely agee about the Rockies and Marlins and am very tired of hearing about the 3 consecutive winning years that Hendry “brought to us fans” at over 130 mil a year? If he gets credit for THAT then what kind of credit are the GM’s for Colorado and Florida receiving? Maybe we should have elected those two people for President and Vice President and let them get us out of this “economic downturn”???

Milton Bradley is gone. Jim Hendry is here. I think both
decisions are good. Jim’s wants to win as much as anyone and I think he will continue to work for this club. I don’t look for Silva to do much but he doesn’t have too. He is like a gift from heaven just getting rid of Bradley.

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