3/5 No Vegas for Lou

Lou Piniella says he’ll skip the Cubs trip to Las Vegas March 12-13 against the White Sox. Piniella’s wife Anita is in town and was leaving March 14. The Cubs have split squad games both days, so Piniella will watch the half that stays back in Arizona.

Former Cubs pitcher Rick Sutcliffe, who has been a guest coach as well as providing some comic relief, was asked if he would make the road trip.

“I said, ‘Do you want to go to Vegas?’ He said, ‘I haven’t tried on a gray uniform in a few years,'” Piniella said of Sutcliffe, who never made a road trip in Spring Training when he pitched for the Cubs.

It’s one thing to ride the bus two hours from Mesa to Tucson and another to go to Vegas for 24 hours.

“We haven’t talked about Vegas,” Sutcliffe said. “I would go to Vegas to hang with you and Ozzie [Guillen].”

Instead, bench coach Alan Trammell will be the Cubs’ acting manager. On Saturday, Piniella and Guillen will meet for the first of five games between the intracity rivals.

“Maybe he can show me how to Twitter a little bit,” Piniella said.

— Carrie Muskat

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Iwould love to sit down in Vegas and have a few brews with all those guys and listen to the stories🙂

Take Care,

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