3/5 Souvenir for Charlie

Sam Fuld’s wife Sarah was walking on the outfield berm on Thursday with the couple’s 3-month-old son Charlie during the seventh inning of the Cubs’ game against the Athletics at HoHoKam Park. Sam then launched a home run, a two-run shot, and it landed close to where Sarah and Charlie were. A woman grabbed the ball, and Sarah tried to bargain for the souvenir. After all, it was Charlie’s first game to see his Daddy and Sam had delivered. Sarah offered an autographed ball in return, a photo with Sam, anything.

“The mom wanted no part of that,” Sam said Friday.

So, the Fulds saved the ticket stub instead as a souvenir.

Think about this: Fuld went 101 at-bats before he got his first RBI on Oct. 4 in the Cubs’ season finale — which also came on a home run.

“I’m just a home run machine,” Fuld joked.

He was one of five Cubs to homer in Thursday’s game.

“I was trying to keep up the pace,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat




Wow, the level of greed has hit an all time high in this country. If you can’t give up a spring training home run ball to a 3 month old kid whose own father hit it out, then I just don’t know what to say. Its incomprehensible.

Thats not what happened. I was at the game and near where the ball landed. It hit the back fence of the Cubs bullpen and one of the Cubs players threw the ball to a little girl. Now Sam’s wife may have asked for the ball, but it wasn’t some lady that wouldn’t give up the ball. It was a little girl. There was no greed involved.

Oh I see. Thank you for explaining it out. The way the story read, one couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that the woman was selfish. My assumptions are proven false.

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