3/8 Nady expected to start Thursday

Don’t expect to see Xavier Nady until Thursday when the Cubs travel to Peoria to play the Padres. Lou Piniella said they considered using a designated hitter on Wednesday against the Giants so Nady could play. But Carlos Zambrano is starting that day for the Cubs..

“The only problem [with Wednesday] is the ‘Big Z’ is pitching,” Piniella said. “Thursday might be a good day to start [Nady]. Give Big Z an at-bat or two and he’ll be very happy.”

Nady is coming back from Tommy John surgery on his right elbow.

— Carrie Muskat


In my opinion, Carlos Zambrano should bat exclusivlely from the right side where he has better balance, resulting in a more controlled swing with even more power and much less twisting of his back. This would also better protect his pitching arm when at the plate.

The less time that Z spends time concentrating on hitting, the better off we will be. His Ruthian type swings and all out running to first are admirable, but also increase his injury chances dramatically. His total focus needs to be on pitching.

While I don’t want to see Z get hurt, I’ll never condem him for the effort that he puts forth in everything he does on the field. In that respect, I just wish we had a few more like him.

Any National league pitcher that does not want to improve their batting skills, try their best at the plate and have at least a “productive” out at the plate should be traded to the American League…and please take Jim Hendry & Soriano’s remaining years of a wasted contract with as they both belong in the American League and it’s DH rule. Nothing really against the DH rule, doesn’t bother me one way or the other except THE CUBS DON’T HAVE A DH JIM!!!
So stop getting players that are more suited for the amercan league, here in the NL we need people to catch a bouncing ball in the outfield let alone a ball in the gap.

The Cubs have had great success with hitting pitchers. Wood, Prior, Maddux, and Big “Z” all great hitting pitchers. Look at the likes of Samardjiza, Dempster, Lilly, and Marshall. I’m glad our #9 aren’t always considered an easy out. Big “Z” makes pitchers think twice about throwing fastballs down the pipe. I applaud his effort and motivation. All NL pitchers should take his approach.

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