3/9 No problem for Fontenot at short

Mike Fontenot survived his first test at shortstop on Monday. Fontenot was inserted there defensively against the Athletics and had to handle a couple hard hit balls right from the start.

“They tried to get me right off the bat,” he said Tuesday. “That’s usually what happens is you get out there and someone hits a missile at you. It was just good to get out on the field. I hadn’t played in a few days.”

He’s been sidelined with a sprained right shoulder, injured last Thursday in the Cactus League opener in a tumble at third. On Tuesday, Fontenot was in the lineup, back at second base. Being able to play more than second will definitely help both Fontenot and the Cubs.

“I enjoy moving around,” he said. “Most of the time, if I’m not starting, I’m probably at shortstop. It breaks up the monotony.”

He’s been practicing at short since he joined the Cubs. The first month of 2007, he only played shortstop. How different is the throw?

“It’s a little bit further,” he said. “You just have to move your feet a little more and make sure you’re not just sitting back. You have to get your feet set.”

— Carrie Muskat

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