3/9 Soriano working with Rudy

Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo and Alfonso Soriano watched some video Tuesday morning of the left fielder and his swing. The two have been reunited this year — Jaramillo was Soriano’s hitting coach in Texas.

“I feel good and I know what he’s telling me to do,” Soriano said. “I’m not worried about my hitting. My swing is there. I just have to feel comfortable in the field.”

Soriano is still testing his left knee, which needed arthroscopic surgery last September.

“He’s moving better,” Lou Piniella said Tuesday. “Remember, it’s early in the spring. He’s working hard. He’s going to make a mistake out there from time to time — c’mon. The secret with ‘Sori’ is that he hit and he hits for power and drives in runs for us. That’s what we’re interested in. He’s working with Rudy every day in that regard.”

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, is there an outfield instructor for the Cubs? If so who is it? I thought I read at one time it was Bobby Dernier. Is this instructor also working with Soriano as is Jaramillo for hitting? Once Soriano’s knee is healthy shouldn’t somebody put as much effort in improving his defense just as his hitting? IF Soriano can regain a majority of his offensive prowess he still remains a liability in left field but it doesn’t seem Hendry puts much emphasis on defense and he will be hard pressed to see any return on the remaining years of Soriano’s contract. Other than left field first base is another known “hiding place” for inept defensive HITTERS. Although the Cubs have been very fortunate over the years with both gold glovers Grace and Lee I can see Lee departing and the Cubs force-fitting/hiding Soriano at first base opening up an outfield spot for a younger more gifted fielder. It’s a pick your poison situation but Soriano at first base after Lee departs may be the least damaging. Of course….Josh Vitters won’t like it!!!

Third base coach Mike Quade works with the outfielders as well as Bobby Dernier, who is the roving Minor League OF instructor. Bottom line, Soriano needs to trust his knee and he should play better in left. He did lead the National League in outfield assists in 2006 when with the Nationals

No argument there, I remember that season like it was just 4 years ago when he played for another team, 2006 is what Hendry is paying for. I do agree however that if his knee is healthy and he does trust it (I’ve had ACL replacement surgery and it took well over a year after rehabbing for me to trust it and get back on the diamond) he will play better than his terrible 09 campaign, which wouldn’t take much. By the way, does Quade have any former outfield experience (as a player) in the majors or minors? Maybe between the two instructors Soriano will manage to pick up some pointers, but it wasn’t evident this past weekend afte he dove for and caught a ball then let a routine bounding ball get past him.

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