3/10 Hendry to Bradley: 'Look in the mirror'

GM Jim Hendry says Milton Bradley’s implication that someone inside the Cubs organization sent him hate mail last year was “absolutely ridiculous” and the outfielder needs to “look in the mirror.”

In an interview with ESPN, Bradley said he received hate mail while with the Cubs that wasn’t stamped, suggesting it might have been sent by someone inside. Bradley felt he was a “prisoner in his own home,” and said that unless you’re “Superman or you’re Andre Dawson, Ernie Banks, or Hall of Fame, then it’s going to be tough” for African-American players in Chicago.

Hendry said Bradley never said anything to anyone in the Cubs organization about getting hate mail from inside the organization until the interview, which aired Tuesday night.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous,” Hendry said Wednesday. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I think it’s time maybe Milton looks himself in the mirror. It is what is it, he just didn’t swing the bat and didn’t get the job done. His production, or lack of, was the only negative.”

If the problem is racial, Hendry said, why did both Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee say they want to end their careers with the Cubs? And, if there was a problem in Chicago, why would Kevin Millar and Marlon Byrd, who are both represented by the same agents as Bradley, the Levinson brothers, have signed with the Cubs?

“It’s really unfortunate you get to that situation where you reflect the lack of production in the year you’re here and try to use other things as excuses,” Hendry said.

— Carrie Muskat


OH C’MON! How can I let this one go by? “His production, or lack of, was the only negative.”????? Uhhh no Jim, there’s the little matter of YOU SIGNING HIM!!! There’s plenty of negative about 2009 to go around and Hendry should be the last person to comment on any of the negatives are whether limited to Bradley or the entire year. It wasn’t Bradley that handicapped the Cubs for another 5 years by signing one of the worst outfielders in the game.

first, agreed that hendry should NEVER have signed that shmo. but, if you remember, at that time there really were no other players sticking their heads out there to be signed. not much on the table+a lackluster cubs roster at that time+hendry starting to sweat the spring=milton bradley signing.
again, agreed we should never have signed him, but the purpose of this article (and all the backlash about bradley’s whining after the fact) is that he’s a baby. he was a baby from the very first at bat (if you remember). arguing, looking at called 3rd strikes constantly, and no personality to contribute to the team was just sour apples bro. this was a nightmare waiting to happen, and i gotta say, i’m not surprised one bit with how he is reacting. even if this stuff did go on (which is still questionable), aside from the racial remarks, the dude made his own bed in chitown. i’m so glad he’s gone, and it looks like our team chemistry is back where it was in 02,03,04, etc.

One would think that Bradley would be happy to be playing in Seattle and that he would appreciate being given another opportunity to get some playing time. Why continue with this type of negative attitude and carry that over with him to Seattle. Everyone wishes Bradley well with the Mariners…time to move on Milton. Just try to focus on the the positives Milton.

Sure at the time maybe nobody was breaking Hendry’s door down to be signed but…WE’RE TALKIN’ MILTON BRADLEY AND ALL HIS BAGGAGE. All Hendry had to do was WAIT and maybe Abreu would have been in Cubbie pinstripes. Even if not…MILTON BRADLEY??? Hendry feels so much pressure to SIGN A MARQUEE player he sacrifices common sense and neglects some home grown talent. For crying out loud, when you think your only option is…here we go…MILTON BRADLEY wouldn’t THAT be the perfect time to get a promising minor leaguer involved?? I for one never cared for the way Hendry assembled his outfields over the years and won’t cut him any slack for being under pressure to FINALLY solve his outfield problems. It’s “free agent of the day” with him until he gets it right?? That is not a responsable way to general manage. With Byrd at least he should get some value but again he’s at the same game just a different year. MILTON BRADLEY??? WHO DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING? Jim Hendry, I guess.

I am a loyal Cubs fan, have been my whole life. The thing that really bothers me is the insinuation that Cubs fans & Chicago are racist. I’ve been to hundreds of games thru the years, and I do not recall a single instance of fans getting on a player because of race. Oh sure, you’ll get heckled, but because of poor play, or simply by being a Cubs nemesis (i.e. Daryl Strawberry, anyone remember?). How come the only players who used the “Race Card” were over-priced, under-achieving free agents? I would like to see other Cubs players (past & present) step forward to set the record straight. ESPN should provide air-time to Ernie Banks et al, to offer a rebuttal.

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