3/10 Nady can hit, but throwing delayed

Xavier Nady made his spring debut with the Cubs but it may not be until early June when he’ll be able to throw without restrictions. Nady, coming off his second Tommy John procedure, went 1-for-2 on Wednesday in the Cubs’ 5-1 loss to the Giants.

“It’s a work in progress,” Nady said. “Even I couldn’t tell you if I’ll be ready April 10 or when I’ll feel comfortable to let it fly. The June 1 [date] is more to play and a guy tags from third, try to throw him out at home. That gives me almost 11 months [since the surgery].”

He said he’ll be able to play the outfield before that date and the Cubs will simply have to make some defensive adjustments, moving the cutoff men back to compensate.

“I heard ‘June,'” Nady said, “but I could play some games here and there. I really don’t know. I think time will tell.”

It did feel good to be in a game, his first since a Minor League rehab outing June 25. Nady was with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and removed himself from the game after making a throw from the outfield. He underwent the surgery on July 8. A career .280 hitter, he’s projected as a backup outfielder and pinch-hitter.

“I was happy to be back out there,” Nady said about Wednesday’s game. “It felt a little awkward at first, first pitch or two. Obviously, your timing is going to be a little awkward. It was a positive feeling to be out there and swing unrestricted and we’ll go from there.”

“Nady can hit,” Piniella said. “We have to get him out there on the field and let him get his at-bats. If we can get him on the field, Nady is going to do some damage with the bat.”

— Carrie Muskat

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O.K. I’m starting to think Lou and Jim have spent way too much time together as now even Lou is condoning players that can basically hit only WHEN they can “get him out their on the field”. Way to go Hendry, bringing in yet ANOTHER outfielder with limited defensive capabilities whether by lack of natural talent or in this case by surgery, another perfect player for the American League’s DH!!! So Nady won’t be throwing at full strength until June? How’s that compute for value? 3 Million for only PART of a season? And how does Lou anticipate getting Nady “out there on the field” to get at bats? At who’s expense? Not Byrd’s as he is the only legitimate outfielder that can both hit well and field, Soriano’s? Fine with me as Nady would be a defensive upgrade even while rehabbing! But can you imagine Soriano being benched? Not gonna happen. Fukodome? That would be too embrrasssing to Hendry to have his “star import, impact” player benched. So here we go again thanks to both Hendry’s and Pinella’s passion for American League type players we fans will now have to watch what could be a really bad outfield give up bases and runs or watch our infeilders go deeper in the cut off position to compensate for underperforming throws from the outfielders. This is starting to get embarrassing. In this town, with this payroll, history, and the Whitesox’s GM annually out-performing Hendry let alone acheiving a World Series trophy only a few years ago us Cubs fans deserve better. Can this be the Ricketts’ way of SLOWLY entering the game? Concentrating on Wrigley Field improvements and letting Hendry stew in his own mess? One can only hope that in 2011 THE AXE WILL FALL AND THE REAL HOPE AND CHANGE WILL BEGIN…ENTER THE RYNO!

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