3/11 Silva excited to pitch

Carlos Silva was excited to pitch on Thursday, a feeling he hasn’t had in a couple years. The right-hander made his second spring start for the Cubs and threw three scoreless innings against the Padres. He gave up four hits and one walk in what was an improvement over his first start March 6. Silva was all smiles.

“I’m very happy with the way I threw,” he said. “I told [Larry Rothschild] and I was telling my wife, too, that I haven’t seen that sinker for a long time, the one I was throwing in the bullpen. I saw the action and location and I was very excited to pitch today.”

He’s changed the angle, finishing more towards third base than first. It’s helped him finish his pitches. He got some solid defensive help from center fielder Sam Fuld, who made a leaping catch at the center field wall in the third inning to rob Scott Hairston of an extra base hit. Starlin Castro also smacked his first spring homer, leading off the fifth with his second hit of the game. Castro went 2-for-2, walked and scored three runs.

How long has it been since Silva was looking forward to pitching?

“To be honest, it’s been a long time,” Silva said. “The last two years have been hard for me to even show up at the stadium. I’m the kind of guy who is very competitive and I take a lot of pride — when I do bad, it’s hard for me to see my teammates’ faces. I feel embarrassed, I feel like I haven’t helped them. I am very hard on myself.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Sam Fuld with yet another great catch at the wall. He should make this team hands down and it will be a shame if he loses his spot in order to keep a not ready for full time Nady or Millar. Somebody has to be able to catch the dang ball especially late in close ball games!! What else does this guy have to do? He has a role on this team and is very good at it. In close ball games an outfield of Byrd in left, Fuld in center and Fukodome in right will give a much neede boost of confidence to whoever is on the mound.

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