3/14 Building the bench

Who’s on the Cubs bench most likely won’t be determined until the final week. They cannot keep both Keith Millar and Chad Tracy, and have to make sure they have enough backup outfield help. Xavier Nady can’t play the outfield full time when the season starts so the Cubs will need an extra outfielder.

The bench players who are set include Nady, Koyie Hill, and either Mike Fontenot or Jeff Baker (whoever isn’t starting). In a “perfect scenario,” Lou Piniella said Sunday, the Cubs would carry 11 pitchers. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild is insisting on 12.

“I keep talking to Larry and he keeps shaking his head,” Piniella said.

Expect Nady to play in the outfield in the last 10 days of Spring Training. He’s rehabbing his right elbow after undergoing Tommy John surgery for the second time in his career. Among the extra outfielders being considered are Sam Fuld, Tyler Colvin, Jim Adduci and Brad Snyder.

“All four of those kids can play all three positions,” Piniella said. “We’ll see what happens.”

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, is it Bryan or Brad Snyder? Wasn’t there a Brad Snyder that was progressing nicely? How about Hoffpaur, is he still “in the mix”. There seems to be too many of like players this spring, kind of “one dimensional” players that will limit the moves Lou can make. Millar, Nady and Hoffpauir seem to be all hit, little field and Lou is already handicapped by Soriano’s defense. Then there is Tracy, Baker and Fontenot. I am hoping somebody sees the common sense in keeping Fuld and Blanco for defense as well as pinch runners. It’s a little too rudderless if you ask me.

I said before and I will say it again Mr. Henry has no clue in regards to signing fee agents.
Signs two free agents last year who couldn’t play and couldn’t get rid of them fast enough.
Now he signs Nady for 3 million plus, who is still rehabbing
and according to reports will not be able to play the outfield
till June?
Lou and JIm talk about their young players since Spring Training started but we know that once the Season starts the roster will have filled out with players who are has beens or never was.
Go with the young players and quit complaining I am at the budget limit and can’t make any move.
Your at the budget limit because you spent money like a drucken fool and didn’t pay attention to what kind of player you were signing
Fire Jim and Lou now before it’s too late

I know what you’re thinking…no, I am NOT statz.!!
To statz: I like it!!! If I would have posted that comment I would have heard about it for sure. You are correct about Hendry, he created and continues to create his own predicaments and budget restraints due to little value on the dollare spent. He’s gun shy to make a more dramatic youth movement and be done with it. Languishing with second tier veterans seems to be his preferred style.

“Fire Jim and Lou now before it’s too late”
Its too late already.

mlbfanwi, don’t give up hope, as it is not too late to keep Hendry from signing yet another mediocre free agent/veteran that will block the path of a promising rookie by firing him. As long as he IS the GM you never know what mistake is just around the corner, especially regarding the outfield.
No, I am NOT mlbfanwi either.

Honestly what is the point of Nady? Does he offer a lot more than tracy or millar? I dont think so. Wouldnt it make more sense to have Fuld or Colvin and a guy Blanco or Scales rather than Nady and someone?

No, I am NOT paying mlbfanwi for his/her comments.
But I AM enjoying them.
The only way Nady could be justified is if he were going to be replacing either of our full-time corner outfielders, but to have him as an occassional offensive threat from the bench and and even a less than occassional fielder with limited defensive skills…is just nuts. How’s he going to get his AB’s to justify his 3 mil??? I can’t believe Hendry is ALLOWED to pull some of the things he does, we should probably be more upset with whoever is enabling Hendry and not just Hendry himself.

Joey, actually I wouldn’t have said anything as nobody likes a nag! I must admit that I don’t appreciate many of Jim’s moves concerning players, but his moves concerning the staff level things out a bit. However, I wonder how good the team would be if he made as good of decisions with players as he does the coaching staff. Of course I would have made sure to hire Girardi not Piniela….ok I better stop as I don’t want to feed the machine. I’m just saying that I understand where you’re coming from most of the time. We still disagree on Fontenot, but we’ll probably find out this season whether he’s got it or not.

FEED ME Wilbur…I mean pman.
I’ll meet you half way on Fontenot, I DO like him and am glad he has the edge over Baker, I just don’t like him as much as you like him but I can muster up a lot of hope and anticipation for Fontenot, so I’m o.k. with him starting at second. And I agree, for the most part Hendry has done much better job with the staff than he has with the roster.
I even applauded him for signing Pinella, I never thought Pinella would appear as one dimensional and “tired” as he did last season. This really should be his last year whether or not they get to the World Series. I think I am looking more forward to 2011 when hopefully some rookies crack the squad and Ryno may be the manager. I’m hungry Wilbur!! I don’t care how much you nag pman, your’s o.k.

Nice Joey, nice…I’m not anti Piniella, I just don’t think he’s as good as Girardi would have been. I like Joe’s style much better than Lou’s. I think Sandberg would be much more like Girardi than Piniella which in my mind would be a good thing. I don’t think last year gets as out of hand if either Joe or Ryne are the managers, but that’s purely speculation. I think this year is going to be a much more positive club house that will keep Lou energized along with everybody else. That should help breed success. I’m telling you that negative energy plagued the team last year and that’s why I’m trying not to be negative about this team.

Agreed pman, nor am I anti pinella I just think his time has come and gone and would like to see a new, younger leader take charge. I would prefer Ryno over Giardi because of his ability to work, inspire and lead young, talented prospects. Giardi may have the same qualities but I don’t read up much on that aspect of his career in the minor leagues and coming up through the ranks. Not to mention that Ryno has the built in HOF factor that MAY help gain respect from some veterans as well. Not knocking Giardi at all, in fact when Bobble Head was about to hire a manager I thought the best scenario would be to have Pinella with Girardi as his bench coach “waiting in the wings”. But since Sandberg threw his hat in the ring and has done a marvelous job in all levels of the minor league system and genuinely KNOWS who can do what….I’m a big Sandberg backer now. Maybe your’e on to something regarding the negative energy you mention and it really fueled my dispassion for Hendry when he brought in Bradley and the negative energy, kind of like the last stray with Hendry (for me), an unforgivable, bone-headed move on his part that had way too many ramifications. I don’t think there is anything Hendry can do aside from resigning that will gain any amount of credability from me and that includes winning the World Series as we all know if that happens it will happen despite Hendry’s moves not because of them.

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