3/16 Cubs Idol semifinals

Tuesday was semifinal day in camp for the Cubs Idol contestants.

“It was fun,” Lou Piniella said. “These guys perform well. There were five different groups. They spent some time preparing for today’s show. Saturday will be the finals.”

Tuesday was group day for the contestants, who performed in front of four judges.

“[Ryan] Dempster is Simon [Cowell],” Piniella said. “There’s a nice panel with Dempster and [Kevin] Millar and Derrek Lee. The ‘Simon’ from the Spanish side is [Aramis] Ramirez. He critiques the guys in Spanish a little bit. They put some work in it — this isn’t something they’ve done spur of the moment.”

The contestants were determined by service time. John Gaub and Mike Parisi are in; Sam Fuld and Micah Hoffpauir are not. Should they stick to baseball?

“Some of these guys worked hard,” Piniella said. “If they’d work as hard baseball-wise, they’d be in the big leagues.”

He was kidding. A little fun in Spring Training is good for a team.

“We like chemistry, we like for this team to be loosey goosey and have fun,” Piniella said. “We look for our veteran players to provide that.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Where are the youtube links??!!🙂

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